Smart Game Booster Benefits

Smart Game Booster Benefits

If you have been having trouble with your PC lately, perhaps you might need smart game booster to help speed things up again. As an effective FPS booster, Smart Game Booster eliminates unnecessary processes and services using only 1-touch. Normally, you’ll get consistent high frame rates in your favorite games at a steady, safe temperature. And with the best features, you can now get the same benefits from an internet browser too!

A smart game booster helps you achieve a very stable frame rate in your game. along with keeping your card temperature low. It also provides 100% error free game play without any stutter or freeze. You can now enjoy your favorite game without worrying about your PC. You’ll get the best frame rates and the most responsive PC experience thanks to this program. With the iOBit v2, it offers new ways to monitor temperatures so that you can maximize your card’s temperature stability for a fantastic gaming performance. Here are the technology features that separate this product from others

iOBit v2

iOBit v2 – The smart game booster v2 comes with a 1-touch humidity sensor. This is a safety device that will prevent the computer from overheating due to sudden changes in indoor temperature. Overheating of the computer may lead to a couple of issues such as system crash, system locks and a lot more. This humidity sensor is a real time monitoring tool that helps you monitor the card temperature and maintain a safe temperature for the graphics card. which will in turn boost the game performance. And with a temperature guard incorporated on the motherboard, you can avoid overheating issues as well.

o Fintek Cool Control – The smart game booster has a Fintek cooler control. The cooler gets rid of any inconsistencies with the temperature that can affect the actual performance of the graphics card. By using the cooler you’ll have an opportunity to reduce the voltage and make sure that the card is running at a constant level for better game performance. There is also a one-click off feature for all the fans. And the cooler helps to maintain a safe temperature so that you don’t risk getting burned by overheating. You can get the maximum performance possible with the optimized fan speeds and optimized Fintek cooler.

Customizable fan speeds

o Customizable fan speeds – The smart game booster has three customizable fan speeds that allow the user to select which speed will be the perfect match for the graphics card. These fan speeds can be changed individually according to the current need of the game run through it. You get the option to keep the core clock and the gas temperature in check for a better gaming experience. And if you need extra cooling, you can easily disable one of the speeds to provide a more stable gaming environment.

o Safe temperature – The smart game booster has a system where the temperature can be controlled through various methods. For example, the system can be set to detect when the system has reached its safe temperature and automatically turn off the unnecessary processes. Or you can also choose to speed up the processes when needed. The system has also a system whereby you can configure the fan speeds. Enabling the graphics card to run at the optimum level even when the processor is operating below its optimal level. This keeps the processor from having to overheat, resulting in the whole processor getting destroyed.



Game optimized

o Game optimized – All the settings and the options that are accessible can be customize according to your needs. You can also choose from the many different graphics card configurations that the smart game booster has. Each card has its own set of specifications. You can make them match with the others to get the best gaming experience from your system.

o Guarantee – No matter what you are looking for. You can rest assure that the smart game booster will offer you nothing but the best. It boasts of a thirty-year warranty which covers parts and labor for defects. With this, it is assure that you get to use the smart game booster to its fullest. What more can you ask for?