Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes, the ones that children would fly in the air by hand, have improved versions these days. Today children can have aerobatic paper airplanes that are controlled by smartphones. These are fun gadgets and can be excellent gift ideas for youngsters. These are motorized models that can be controlled by one?s smartphone. Children, as well as adults, can have fun with these and explore neat tricks as well.

Features of such a gadget are several such as:

  • Control through Smartphone

This is the key feature of these airplanes. They are engineered to work with iOS and Android-based apps. The paper planes come with electric RC conversion kits. These allow planes to be flown and perform different tricks, only by using one?s smartphone.

  • Range of Control

This is about 180 feet. Hence, such paper planes can be flown quite high and far as compared to the yesteryear models of remote-controlled planes. The conversion kit provides an impressive range of 180 feet or 55 meters of range in distance.

  • Durability

There is no need to worry as these models are meant to fly again and again. The paper planes are made 100% impact-proof; they are engineered to be long-lasting, ultra-durable, with carbon fiber that is shatter-resistant.

  • Can Work with Any Paper Airplane Model

Kids? toys, that already exist, can be turned into remote controlled flying models. That is how versatile the RC conversion kit is. It can help turn any plane model into one that can be controlled by your smartphone and flies by remote command.

  • Easy to Assemble

If you are wondering whether you or your kid can set-up the airplane with ease and fly it remotely, you can rest assured that the setup is simple and a child can easily follow remote control techniques.

The kit includes a design that is crash-resistant. The technology for remote control is by Bluetooth connection; it helps to control an airplane through a power-up app on a smartphone. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android and step by step instructions are provided on the manufacturer?s website.

  • Fun Controls

The controls are simple and fun to use. One needs to tilt tablet or smartphone from one direction to another to maneuver; there is a throttle lever provided on the app which helps the airplane to descend and ascend. The app has other features as well such as easy on-boarding, boost or Nitro for giving extra power, charging status, battery level, and range indicators. There is an attribute of air traffic control as well. One can even install gesture or gamepad control features or have cool templates downloaded.

  • ?       Guarantee Features

The kit containing smart Bluetooth module, aerobatic plane, propeller template, USB charging kit, and spare propeller also come with warranty coverage. With a one year warranty, there is no reason to hold back. Get your dream remote-controlled airplane kit today and have fun flying it or put a smile on your son?s face.