The Apple iPhone 5G Has Made the Internet Access Easy

The iPhone 5G is a new smartphone developed and sold by Apple Incorporated. It is the Twelfth generation iPhone, succeeding both the previous iPhone 11 and the earlier iPhone 11Pro max.

It was officially announced at a media event held on September 12th, 2020, and then released on October 20th, 2020. The new iPhone model features a square design and has a larger screen and much more memory. It comes in three color variations namely black, white, and silver. Other differences include a new camera lens, a thinner body, a new form of a fingerprint sensor, and a higher resolution display. All models are available with or without cellular connectivity options.

Basic Facilities:

Like all iPhones, this device comes with the basic facilities of answering phone calls. It can also be used to send text messages. The iPhone can work as a personal digital assistant or PDA. It offers an intuitive touch screen for navigating through menus. One of its unique features is its ability to make internet browsing more efficient.

Internet browsing using the iPhone is very fast and comfortable. There are various apps that one can download which allow them to surf the net and carry out other tasks like sending and receiving emails and instant messaging. The internet browsing features of this iPhone have been greatly enhanced compared to the previous models. The graphics and pictures displayed on web pages are also smoother and clearer. In addition to the basic internet facilities, it also provides users with access to a lot of social networking sites.

Variety of Mobile Phones:


With a variety of mobile phones available on the market, it is not difficult to find one that suits your taste and pocket. The most popular ones are Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and Sony Ericsson. The market for cell phones has increased dramatically with the introduction of the iPhone 5G. Many people still prefer to use their laptops and notebooks when they use the internet.

The demand for mobile phones is continuously increasing in different countries. Even though the US market is becoming increasingly saturated with mobile phone manufacturers, there are some parts of the world where the demand for these phones is comparatively high. In India and the Asian region, for instance, the number of subscribers using smartphones is constantly on the increase. In countries like China, where mobile phones are not supported by some networks, it is difficult to find an unlocked handset.

Pricing Range:

The pricing of these phones depends on the service providers. In countries such as the UK, the cost depends on the network and also the country’s coverage area. The contract deals are available at lower rates than the pay-as-you-go deals. For more reliable service providers, one has to look out for the prepaid and post-paid deals. The price of the phone is also affected by the network coverage area.

The iPhone is widely available on contract deals and is an ideal device to use on business trips. It makes traveling convenient.

Main Features:

Internet use by the general population is also on the rise. Since the Apple iPhone comes with the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature, it can remotely track down if lost. This feature is also useful in locating lost people. The iPhone has made the life of a small businessperson easier as they can provide their employees with easy access to the 5G internet now on iPhone 12. They can manage their company’s files and documents online as well.

The internet is also making its way into the homes of many people. Internet access can achieve through the broadband connection provided by cable companies. Thus a businessperson can connect his office to the internet without the use of the wires which are often troublesome.

How they attract People?

Iphone 12

Since the iPhone is a smartphone, it is a very attractive item to use by children. One can play games with the iPhone on the go and browse the 5G internet or send and receive emails. with ease. The camera of the iPhone has improved and it is also able to capture stills.

The iPhone has become an integral part of a businessman’s personal life. Not only the phones used for the internet, but it can also use to browse through various social networking websites