The All in One Touch Screen Monitor Everybody is Talking About

The All in One Touch Screen Monitor Everybody is Talking About

The 4K Monitor of the Masses

Getting a factory-calibrated monitor which is large and fits well for your professional work means you don’t have many options. The Surface Studio is one gigantic display that offers all you can imagine. The Mac’s big screen comes with its own $999 stand. What is the product for the masses? This brings to Apollo-4K introduced by a company based in Shenzhen, China.

This is the monitor of the masses and everybody is talking about it. When it comes to products made in China, they are everything. Almost all products from low-range to high-range are manufactured in China. Due to the labor costs, this technological marvel, the inclusive all in one computer, can be yours for just $1200 including the monitor that works like the Microsoft Surface Studio and offers the pedigree of a born geek. It is not just a screen or a stand like Apple, but a full-blown computer. While the Surface Studio can cost you upwards of $5000 USD, this is just $1200 with nearly identical specs. Below are Surface Studio’s specs.

  • It comes with Intel? Core? i7-7820HQ processors.
  • It has SSD storage which is upgradable.
  • It comes with 16 GB of RAM.
  • It supports multi-touch and is enormous at 28 inches diagonally.

Apollo-32” 4K Touch Screen All-in-One Computer

This computer screen is by far the best in class and is not exorbitantly expensive either. And, that does not mean it is cheaper and ripped out the version of the Surface. This offers more real-estate starting at 32 inches and offering 4K resolution. It comes with its on 8th Gen Intel Core Coffee Lake processors based on the 14nm process. This all in one computer and it is cheap and affordable. It has the powerful specs you would expect to work in your studio without breaking the bank.

This is a powerful alternative to TVs for entertainment and all-in-one computers for work. It combines both these aspects together and that too at an affordable price. This big screen is perfect for video conferencing at work, demonstrations, and presentations, and when the day ends, you can immerse yourself in a great gaming session. The company behind this is Sefree Apollo and is currently on Kickstart. The pledging date has been over though.

The 4K UHD Display with Pen Support

The Apollo 4K all in one computer does come with some options too. There are three versions of this incredible machine. The Standard, Professional, and Premium, the whole screen runs on a power brick and is a desktop. Not to worry though, because the Apollo Standard at just $1500 offers the same specs as a $3200 Surface Studio. It has 256GB SSD, 1TB hard disk, Intel 8550U, comes with integrated graphics, supports multi-touch, and has 16GB RAM. And, the best thing is it comes with dual-front facing cameras too. That being said, it has all the ports you would need. It has Ethernet RJ45

  • It has 3 USB 3 ports and USB C too.
  • It has a mini-HDMI.
  • It also has a nice audio-mic combo 3.5 jack.
  • It has cooling fans inside the bottom chassis and offers quite a punch for the money.
  • The keyboard and mouse are wireless and work really well when compared to the pricey Microsoft’s Surface.

And, there is the touch-screen thing which is going to blow your mind too. There is a pen with batteries included. The final product will come with a normal size pen though the initial reviews on YouTube were with really thick AA-size-batteries. The best thing is that without being certified as Wacom or Intrigue, it also works really well. The pressure, curves, sensitivity, and calibration, all seem really well taken care of. Considering this to be such an affordable product, this is commendable.

The Half-Price Surface Studio

When it comes to a screen made for entertainment, productivity like sketching, drawing, painting, and gaming all in one computer, the screen is the most important aspect of it. The performance of the screen can be verified with the metric from the computer itself. The display is calibrated well covering the various color gamuts. The Adobe metric is used by all monitors that are used for work like graphic design.

  • It offers 310 units of brightness, which is ample for indoor use.
  • It covers 99% of sRGB and 83% of Adobe RGB.
  • The gamma is 2.0 and Kelvin is 8400K.
  • With contrast levels of 700:1, this is a good looking monitor.
  • The white point is also well-calibrated and that is impressive.

The Apollo 4K Internals

With an all in one computer geared for gaming, productivity, and business, the internal matter too. After the screen it comes to the processing power, the thermals, fitting a good graphics processor and so on. For the Apollo Professional and Apollo Premium, this seems to be the case.


The Apollo 4K is an amazing product with less than half the Surface Studio and without cutting any corners.


The keyboard and mouse feel like plastic, nonetheless are very responsive.

Final Thoughts

The Apollo 4K touch screen and all in one computer are the best in class. There is nothing in the market as of now, so any comparison would be really unfair. With monitors gaining more and more popularity as a third-party screen for your main small and compact laptop, the market is exploding with options. The best screen for gaming is different for the best screen for productivity, and this is different for the best screen for entertainment. So, the market is segregating these options into easy-to-pick categories, and as users, we have more options than ever before.