Two New Limited-Time Borderlands 3 Event Starts Today

Two New Limited-Time Borderlands 3 Event Starts Today


For all online gaming enthusiasts out there, Borderlands 3 is giving you a new reason to continue getting hooked to it. With new events promoted for a short duration, the chances are that your excitement levels will boost further. Borderlands 3, has made a habit of improving itself at regular intervals. It has added yet another feather in its cap.

What is Borderlands 3?

It is a video game played in first-person. A player has to shoot and loot his or her way through a group of planets. Above all, you have to save the planets from a band of militarized corporations and earn some booty in the process. Guns, Love and Tentacles is the latest arsenal in the series of Borderlands 3 games. Developed by Gearbox Software it was made available for sale in September 2019.

  • Shoot and loot game.
  • Guns, love and tentacles is the latest in the series.
  • Developed by Gearbox Software.

Maximize Your Chances of Winning

  • Look for All Possible Modes of Using the Arsenal

The latest innovation in Borderlands 3 is an addition of a variety of guns. The player should always try making the best use of them by being alert to alternate fire modes available in the arsenal.

  • Customize Characters

You can customize the vault hunters to suit your playing style. Each of the vaults has unique characteristics, and as a player, you should do proper research to get a built which allows you to attack with stealth effectively.

  • Avoid Co-Opting Loot

The game gives you the option to either share or not share the loot with fellow players. In other words, optimize your chances of winning by taking a considerate decision about sharing the loot from the arsenal.

  • Complete Your Challenges

The game is rewarding if the objectives of the mission are listed in a single area. As you move from one zone to the other keep a track of the progress made to earn the maximum rewards.

  • Keep Refilling Ammunition

Since there is an abundance of weapons to choose from, utilize well the option to refill your ammunition. In other words, be alert to stockpiling your armory.

New Events Introduced in Borderlands 3

Gearbox has increased the temptation of video game addicts to keep themselves busy in the hope of maximizing their winnings. This is in addition to the excitement of saving planets from looters. Following closely the launch of their latest version, Borderlands 3 has introduced two new events: ?Slot Machine Mania? and ?Trials Take All?. While the former gives you the option to win from slot machines, Trials Take-All increases a player?s chances of rewards during Proving Ground Trials. However, both the events last only until April 9. In other words, all Borderlands 3 enthusiasts have just a couple of days to enjoy their excitement.


In conclusion, the two events on offer by Borderlands 3 are a continuation of the emotion it has been building over the years. Finally, if you ignore the fact that the events are on for only a few days, they surely continue to keep the players tied to the game.