Borderlands 3: the Next Biggest PC Game

Game lovers, you all are not ready for this one yet. Borderlands 3 is here, and it features everything that you would all wish for. The game entails refined shooting and movements, exciting challenges, and mechanically distinct firearms that you have not seen in any other game. Such aspects make this video game one of the best and most magnificent series of co-op shooters. Borderlands fans were initially worried about the modern gaming trends as they feared that the game would not match them. The developers have, however, decided to surprise them by offering the most exciting and adventurous video game of all time. The game’s storyline is more substantial compared to its predecessors. Especially with the comic graphics that make you look forward to the next mission.

The storyline

The story behind this game is epic enough to fit the assigned roles. There is a significant threat, but this time, it is bloody and broader ranging than ever. It features the Calypso twins, and between them, they can steal the other’s powers, suck out their life, and turn them to dust. This ability makes the two think that they are gods, and they can use the Children of the Vault motley crew to get the powers of the rest of the vaults to become gods. This is where the players step in together with the Crimson Raiders to try and stop the duo.

The storyline is super amazing, and when combined with the stylized art and humor, Borderlands 3 has become a piece of addiction as it takes you through the 30 hours side missions. It is an adventure that you can imagine yourself undertaking, and it gets even better when you do it with a group of friends.

The additions

The Borderlands predecessors mainly feature a selection of weapons and loot crates, and yes, the gameplay in this version remains untouched. However, there are some new elements like the joint fire, corrosive, shock radiation, and explosives to add to the damage effects. What’s more? Some of the weapons let you switch between ammo and effects so you can easily adjust based on the enemy you are about to face. It is no longer about gun selection only.

Just like in the predecessor Borderlands games, Borderlands 3 allows you to play cooperatively with your friends. You could either do it n split-screen mode or online. This means that you get to enjoy the game regardless of whether you are at different stages. Even better, the game features an end-game that comes in after completing the main storyline.


Everything with advantages has some downsides, and although Borderlands 3 has a few glitches. There is nothing serious that can get in the way of feeling and enjoying this fantastic innovation. It is delightful as it combines a sequence of amazing shooting. All of which flow splendidly and impeccably to create a fantastic RPG-style progression. Players may find it confusing at first, mainly because the game is minimal in tutorials, but once they get used to it, they will enjoy it.