Upcoming Technology with Artificial Intelligence

Upcoming Technology with Artificial Intelligence in Different Field

The upcoming technology in AI is only days away. Today, AI has found applications in every domain possible. It was arbitrarily fast and is increasing at a rapid pace today.

Artificial Intelligence

The field of intelligent machines, appliances, and software that work and behave as humans do is called AI. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of non-natural beings like a piece of code to have intelligence like their natural counterparts.

Artificial Intelligence
  • AI in Future

In the near future, artificial intelligence is going to be everywhere from inside our homes to our cars, on the road while to go to work, and in our office spaces as well. Uses of artificial intelligence are inevitable in healthcare, daily commute, communication, NLP, recommender systems and more.

  • AI Security

The benefit of artificial intelligence is that it can replace human supervision with intelligent software that can monitor, distinguish between suspicious and known people, and alert security personnel round the clock with higher accuracy and efficiency than any human.

  • AI Games

With artificial intelligence, games then allow the development of human cognitive abilities in healthy children, as well as for special children is a new area of research. The upcoming technology in AI will allow people to interact in VR and AR with immersive gameplay; some examples include Oculus, Holo, and Vibe.

  • AI Speech

The area of NLP, natural language processing, is allowing companies to build language-agnostic models that can translate between languages easily. Some of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence include machine translation tools for real-time benefits. Alibaba, Google and Microsoft are the dominant players in this field.

  • AI Technology

The upcoming technology in AI is going to be in wearables like smartwatches, bands, and autonomous driving. These two areas are getting the biggest push by both private and govt. Agencies across the world. To develop solutions to real-world problems is a major goal.

  • AI Robot

If you haven’t heard about Boston Dynamics, it is a good time to do so. Artificial Intelligence is one of the major areas where computer vision and AI control has enabled these robots to walk, jump, move, and react like humans. And, grand challenges like DARPA helps foster the next generation of robots.

  • AI Source

The source of AI is an important aspect of any innovation. AI technology news is one of the major contributors to the AI source today. With artificial intelligence being the go-to solution for numerous applications, it is important to make them relevant and reusable.

  • AI Source Code

While releasing AI source code it is important to make use of platforms like Github so that people and organizations can test and contribute to solutions. Today, the upcoming technology in AI is a community effort and not a single-handed goal.

  • AI Search Engine Open Source

Some of the search engines like Google Search, Bing Search are enabling the use of AI from user’s behavior and usage information to curate content. The use of ranking methods, verifying content based on local information is being prioritized.

  • Open-Source Tools for Machine Learning

Tools like TensorFlow, Keras, OpenAI Gym, Vaa3D, DeepMist are some of the hundreds of thousands of AI open-source tools available for public use. What matters is their application rather than use.

  • Open-Source AI Library

Some of the best open-source AI libraries include the ones mentioned above, and these are rapidly evolving. The SPM or sum-product networks are a new field of DNN libraries for computing arithmetic networks in artificial intelligence.

With the unimaginable amount of data, AI is ever more important.

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