Google is Now Listing COVID-19 Testing Centers in Search Results

Google is Now Listing COVID-19 Testing Centers in Search Results

We have all been introduced to a term this year, COVID-19 which is giving us tough times. And Doctors from all over the world are stressing on three words-tests, tests, and more tests, but how to find STD testing near me. Google has come up with an idea of helping people find out testing centers in the USA. Now when you search COVID-19 and related terms on Google, it will display information for over 2000 testing centers all over 43 states in the USA.

What are the New Changes in Google Search?

The search button for Google has undergone a lot of changes. Now when you search COVID-19 or related terms, you will be able to see a new tab named ?Testing? as a part of the news and information related to the disease shown in the COVID-19 SOS alert on the search engine. Once you click on the ?Testing? tab, you will be able to see a lot of resources regarding testing of COVID-19 right on top of the page with your search results. Some of the resources include:

  • A link to different CDCs or Centers for Disease Control for getting help regarding the testing.
  • Online symptom checker for COVID-19 for you to check whether you have them or not.
  • A suggestion to speak with a doctor or healthcare worker regarding your testing.
  • A link to get information regarding testing for COVID-19 from the local healthcare workers and authorities.
  • A note in case you need to call your nearest testing center for actually getting the test done.

What Information to Get from the ?Testing? Tab on Google?

The newly introduced testing tab on Google will show the STD testing near me centers, but not for all areas in the USA. It will show the COVID-19 testing centers excluding:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Maine
  • New Jersey
  • Missouri
  • Connecticut
  • Oregon
  • Oklahoma

The Reason

The reason behind excluding some areas is that Google cannot surface any testing centers apart from the ones that have been approved by the local health authorities to be published. Google is also listing only one testing center situated in Albany in the state of New York because of the same reason.

Testing Centers Availability and Criteria

Google verified that the availability and criteria of COVID-19 testing centers vary depending on your location. They have pointed out that people may not find the STD testing near me if they live in any other area. They get all the testing information from:

  • Government agencies.
  • Healthcare institutions.
  • Public health departments.

Launching of the COVID-19 Website

Google launched its website for COVID-19 with all the resources and information on 21st March. Verily, the sister company of Google, now offers free tests for COVID-19 to residents in different parts of New York, California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey if they qualify the online screening.

Others Helping Out

Apple has also launched its website that will provide COVID-19 testing information directly collected from the healthcare authorities in your search results in