What Is Extended reality?

Extended realityExtended reality, sometimes known as XR, is an extremely broad umbrella term that covers augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. This is why, for a complete understanding of this new platform. You need to look at all three of these separately. The following are some brief examples of the extended reality definition.

Augmented reality refers to the technology that allows an individual to see and experience things that are not normally available to them through normal means. This includes objects and things that are not ordinarily visible. One such example is when you have a pair of glasses, but they can be worn over your eyes.

What is Extended Reality (XR):

In order to answer the question “What isXR,” one needs to consider how these threetechnologies interact with each other. For example, if you can walk around with a computer-generated image of the real world, and move about using the same image. You have seen the core concept of augmented reality. If you are wearing a pair of glasses over your eyes, but are able to use your smartphone to see the real world, then you have used virtual reality.

The second example is very similar. In this case, you are seeing the virtual world as if it is your real world and you are playing a game, but you are actually playing the game from your phone. If you are a member of a club, and you have access to the club’s real life internet. You can see the club’s physical surroundings through the internet. Finally, if you have an augmented reality device such as a smartphone or a camera, you can go online and look at the physical world, and see other club members through the internet.

Virtual reality and  Mixed reality:mixed reality

Virtual reality (VR) is similar to augmented reality. However, in virtual reality, the real world is distorted and appears like a computer-generated version of it. For example, if you have a video camera on your phone that has a wide-angle lens. It then creates a virtual object that is the size of the actual object and appears as it would if it was actually being viewed by the person who is holding the phone. In this case, you are seeing the video image of the actual object. This is a type of augmented reality.

Mixed reality (MR) refers to a combination of augmented and virtual reality. In a typical MR experience, you are able to interact with the world in much the same way as you would with the real world. For example, you could use your mobile phone to play virtual golf. You could even use your phone to purchase virtual golf clubs from the internet and then use these clubs in a real golf course.

In the same way that the virtual world made to look like the real world. Extended reality also created using other types of visual methods. One example is when you walk into a store and see a store display which you can walk around using your phone. And also play a game of virtual tennis.


What is the Internet of Things? This refers to the Internet-connected devices (smartphones, computers, etc.) which become “things” networks.”The Internet of Things use to collect information about people. Some examples of this type of data include people’s name, phone numbers, email addresses, and other identifiable information.AI technolgy

What is artificial intelligence? This is an aspect of the technology of virtual reality that allows computers to recognize images or sounds.

What is ARRI? This is an acronym for Augmented Reality Imaging Research. The term refers to methods of processing real-world data in ways that allow for the creation of visual experiences. That are not visible or audible. This can include things such as video games and 3D imaging.