LG Teases New 5G Velvet Phone with ?Raindrop? Camera

LG Electronics recently released a short teaser on their upcoming smartphone, named LG Velvet Phone 5G. As the name suggests, we can understand that it will use the 5G technology. The trailer provides us a clear look of the phone that has gone for a refreshing change from the company?s latest launches like the V60. The teaser has also confirmed that the LG Velvet 5G is going to be the best device in the upper-mid pricing range.

What does the Teaser Confirm?

  • It is confirmed that the newly launched phone will run on Snapdragon 765 5G processor which can be considered as a step down from the company?s current flagship with Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 865.
  • The LG Velvet will support the 5G
  • The trailer confirms that the new phone will have a 3.5 audio jack, placed right at the bottom of the phone and this is one of the major selling points of all the devices from LG because it features the much sophisticated DACs for better sound quality especially with wired headphones.
  • It will feature the teardrop notch display at the front that appears to be much smaller in bezels compared to the LG V60.
  • It will be available in six color options confirmed by the teaser- white, black, green, pink hybrid, and orange.

What?s New for LG Velvet Phone?

From the new teaser launched by LG on its recent phone, LG Velvet, we can well understand and get a better idea about how it is going to look after it is launched in the real world. What is new for this smartphone is the ?Raindrop? triple-camera design named by the company itself. LG says the ?Raindrop? camera is a revolutionary change that they brought into this LG smartphone. It is a nod to the natural world that will be a visual treat for the user and others.

What is this ?Raindrop? Design?

To be unique and to give competition to the squarish, large rear camera design that almost all big smartphone companies have come up with, LG introduced the innovative ?Raindrop? design for their latest model, LG Velvet 5G. The best thing about this LG camera is:

  • The rear cameras will be arranged in descending order.
  • It will have a cascading effect of falling raindrops.
  • The three cameras will be seen in the upper-left angle of the phone.
  • It will give the device a cleaner look.
  • The phone will take up less space at the backside.

LG on Their Latest Smartphone Launches

LG Electronics is known for its minimalist designs of their devices. They are now concentrating on smartphones that support the 5G technology in a cheaper price range. The company promises that the latest LG Velvet 5G will hold on to the rich history of classic design distinctive for the company.

Release Date

LG Electronics has not yet announced any plans for launching the LG Velvet with 5G technology. But a Korean source has suggested that the phone could be revealed on 15th May.