3 Quarantine Apps You Need to Ease Boredom & be Productive

Quarantine Apps You Need to Ease Boredom & be Productive

The global pandemic has thrown the entire world into a standstill. People are stuck wherever they are and forced to embrace this new normal. Even though we push this as a public safety issue, prolonged quarantine can also lead to psychological issues like boredom, mental health issues, degrade in cognitive abilities, and so on. This is where business opportunities have come up addressing the need with the help of mobile apps.

Apple COVID 19

Despite the only solution to testing for the Coronavirus being a sample of a swab taken for lab tests, it didn’t stop Apple from taking a stab at the business opportunity. The virus, as was known initially, could only be seen when symptoms appeared. Thus, a Coronavirus testing app was developed and deployed through a smartphone app. It was developed in collaboration with CDC, US. As of now, it says that this tool will help you understand what to do next about this virus.

It is an information booklet, kind of, and handy for those who wish to take their insights from Apple rather than news or govt. websites. This screening tool is available online?as well.

Apps that Target Mental Health and Productivity

Besides knowing what is going on in the COVID-19 battle, precautions, measures, and stuff, it is important not to forget to take care of your body.

Peloton App

For those who don’t know Peloton, this is a workout fitness equipment and accessories manufacturer. You can’t spend a month just binge watching Netflix or news as physical activity is important for staying in shape and fit to fight this virus. Peloton’s workout app is now available for 90 days of free subscription, which is meant to match with the forecasted lockdown period in the US. You can get your workout routines, strength training exercises, and yoga routines. Everything in one app makes it easier to follow and schedule your plans. This app is to make sure your body is healthy during the quarantine period.


This is supposedly the best fitness app on the App Store. Aaptiv has come with a 30-day free subscription plan for people located anywhere in the world. Aaptiv has fitness plans that can be scheduled by day, week, or month. You can look out for group quarantine challenges; invite your friends and more.


When you are done with all the running and stuff, it is important to be productive during the quarantine. Baking Turkish bread or performing art and craft are ways to pass your time, but maybe you can learn something new and edX is there for you. This is an app for studying, learning a new skill such as coding, or data science, from top universities across the world ? for free.

The best thing is you can do them on your smartphone without having to get out. Some apps have tried their way to deal with this pandemic by allowing people to act wisely during the quarantine. We’ve mentioned a couple of these apps that are helping people understand the pandemic and stay safe.