The Coronavirus is Putting a Lot of New Futuristic Tech

The Coronavirus is Putting a Lot of New Futuristic Tech, Including Robots and Artificial Intelligence, on Display?

The novel coronavirus seems to have thrown the whole world off track. This virus first appeared in China and within months it spread over the world. It now has almost 2 lakhs affected and over 1 lakh death reported around the world. As the world initiated its integrated response to the virus, it has also strongly leaned on futuristic tech and artificial intelligence. This might be the first big test of the technology world to prevent a pandemic.??

Many tech startups have joined hands with academics, clinicians, and government entities across the world to activate various futuristic tech. China is using a mobile robot with facial recognition to maintain social distancing. With the virus continuing to spread in different countries, what the world needs now is a robotic medicine as their weapon.?

Here are different futuristic technologies that are being used to combat the virus.??

Digital Non: Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer for Human Body Temperature?

Due to the outbreak, there has been an increasing demand for forehead infrared thermometers. This uses infrared sensors for measuring body temperature without making any contact with the skin. The primary symptom of being infected by the coronavirus is fever. These futuristic technologies help in detecting body temperature without touching, which a vital feature is considering the contagion.??

The Coronavirus is Putting a Lot of New Futuristic Tech
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Infrared wave thermometers are perfect as they are non-invasive and also affordable. It can be used from a distance. As these futuristic technologies detect the infrared which is being given out by the human body, the hotter the body, the greater will be the infrared wave?s emissions.?

There are several devices out there that are being used. These thermometers can be used for scanning a large crowd within no time. In case someone requires a thorough examination, they can be isolated from others and then sent to the closest hospital for further testing. Also, these futuristic technologies are more portable and can be obtained easily in comparison to the other devices that are available.??

Apart from thermometers, there are futuristic technologies that are much more advanced like thermal imaging cameras that give the users local heat spots on a certain person. Even though these are more accurate, the handheld sensors are more than enough for measuring accurate temperature to tell if anyone is running a high temperature.??

Robots to Communicate?

In the United States, the first man who was infected with the coronavirus was being cared for by a robot. This had been specially designed and was being used in Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett at Washington. This is one of the futuristic tech helped with the process and the man has talked about it in an interview. According to the reports, the affected man is in his 30s and is a resident of Snohomish County. He has a travel history to China?s Wuhan where the virus originated. He had been taken to the hospital by ambulance. Prior to being placed in the protected room, he was in a protective gurney.??

When he had been taken to his room for isolation, he was attended to by a robot, one of the futuristic tech. It came with a stethoscope that took the vitals and enabled the doctors to communicate with the patient through a big screen. The robot was moved by the nursing staff so that the doctors could see the patient.??

The isolated area with two beds is away from the hospital?s other units and also comes with an unconnected air filter. The futuristic tech had been set up in the times of Ebola and this is the first time it has been used in an actual life scenario.??

Telehealth futuristic tech devices such as the robot help caregivers to perform basic diagnostic without coming in contact with the patient. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of the caregivers being infected by the virus. It is better to take extra care with the virus through futuristic tech like robotic medicine as there is so much we do not know about it.??

A Disinfecting Robot from UVD Robots: UVD Robots?

UVD Robots are being used as autonomous UVD disinfecting robots in different parts of the United States. The primary companies which are operating in the global Medical Disinfection Robot industry have seen exponential growth. These futuristic technologies’ self-driving machines navigate through a hospital room to kill all the microbes. The robot disinfecting machine has shown a strong demand in Italy which has been going through a tough time due to the coronavirus.?

The Coronavirus is Putting a Lot of New Futuristic Tech
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The production of futuristic tech has increased and now it takes only one day to make of it. This machine can destroy viruses, bacteria, and various other harmful microbes by damaging their RNA and DNA so that they are not able to multiply.??

Even though there has been no testing proof, these futuristic technologies are being used extensively in the US and across the world.???

Chains High-Tech?

China has adopted futuristic tech in its fight with the coronavirus. Its battle with the virus has been quite opportune. As a matter of fact, a health emergency like this has proved how important are futuristic tech when it comes to offering humanitarian relief. Starting from medical advances to 3D print supplies, China has handled novel coronavirus quite effectively using its tech prowess which has proved to be effective in this situation.??

Unmanned drones backed by AI voice assistance that reminded people to wear their mask and swift robots delivering packages are no longer a part of science fiction. These futuristic technologies are being used in China extensively. ?

To help control the spread of the virus, a mobile robot that comes with facial recognition has been patrolling Suzhou, the city in Jiangsu Province of East China. It has also been conducting temperature screening. This is one of the futuristic technologies which can tell people whether they are wearing their mask and in case they are not, it is going to remind them verbally. ?