Facebook Dark Mode: How to do it on Android or Desktop?

Facebook Dark Mode: How to do it on Android or Desktop?

It has been a hearty welcome for Android and Desktop users who can access the dark mode on Facebook as well. Suddenly there was a craze in dark color theme packs on various apps, especially social media where people spent most of their time. It was better for vision, long hours of use, and efficiency for battery life as well. Facebook also came along with Facebook dark mode with a nice style guide joining the latest trend.

What is the Dark Mode or Black Theme?

The ability of your screen turning all white areas in the background to darker hues of grey or even black at the tap of a button was a very welcome feature. People were bored with the same look for more than 5 years by now and with more and more hours online, a darker screen meant a relaxed more pleasant experience. It was soothing to the eyes and also looked awesome, fresh, and cool.

It was soon that most websites, toolbars, extensions for browsers, online social media platforms started taking this notice and rolling out patches with the so-called ?dark-mode?. Almost everybody started talking about how this dark mode could protect your eyes from too much brightness from the device or how it resulted in improved battery life. Seemingly, it was all good and no side effects. So, Facebook dark mode came along too on the 18th of April.

Based on Express UK, and many other sources, there are several perks to changing your desktop or phone’s UI into a dark mode, even for each app. Below are the top takeaways.

  • It helps in enhancing the visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain.
  • It facilitates the screen to adjust to the ambient light especially during the night and low light conditions.
  • It is more profound for usage at night or in a dark environment, which is when most people use social media.

Dark Themes for Desktops, Wallpapers, Night Mode for Screen

The ability to switch to a more pleasant and eye-friendly background when working for long hours had been there for a very long time. For desktops, you could even adjust the screen temperature, luminescence turning into reddish and yellowish for night operations to reduce blue light. But, as with all other healthy lifestyles, it takes social media to spread awareness and it comes in style.

Facebook dark mode answered this call to be in the loop and not be left behind while other social media platforms migrated towards dark themes. A lot of applications are already power-hungry on your battery, especially for Apple that never bothers giving people a decent battery inside, the dark mode helped conserve the battery life. For Facebook, its normal ?blue or white? colors were consuming too much power. With the latest style change, a lot has improved for sure.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop?

For this, you have to log into your account and you should see a banner at the top of the page asking to try out the ?New Facebook?. Simply clicking on it turns the theme to dark mode.

On Google Chrome browsers, users might need to fiddle with some other settings as well. It turns out that you have to update to the latest Chrome version as well for this to take effect. You have to open a new tab in your window and type in ?chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark? in your address bar and hit Enter. On the first drop-down menu change the ?Default? mode to ?Enabled?. Now, Chrome will force you to reload the page, accept it. However, this is a Chrome feature and it will turn all your websites to dark mode, including Facebook.