AMD Ryzen RX 580 – Latest Performance of AMD RX 580

In a recent survey conducted by Videocardz, it was revealed that a lot of customers are interested in purchasing the AMD RYZEN series because of its innovative architecture and powerful specifications.

According to these sources that revealed by Videocardz, AMD’s upcoming Zen CPU lineup will include the new AMD RX 500 series that will include the new AMD RX 580 and RX Vega graphics cards which will be released in September of this year.

The AMD RX 580 will sell for $100 more than the previous models and it will have a factory-overclocked speed of 1510 MHz that can handle the intensive gaming demands of the market.

RX Vega series

RX Vega seriesThe RX Vega series will be based on the powerful AMD RX architecture and it will consist of eleven xenon chips. These chips are located in two groups namely the Graphics Core Next architecture that can support a multitude of features and the Graphics Core Next Generation that will offer an improved memory controller.

The graphics cards of this series expected to feature more than four times the pixels of the previous ones. If you want to purchase the latest AMD RYZEN series of products then you must keep these specifications in mind because if the specifications are not accurate then you will not be able to buy the best one.

In order to obtain the best AMD RYZEN series, you need to look at the latest pricing and the specifications of the product that you wish to purchase. You can obtain the latest specifications for the AMD RX 580 by visiting the official site of the AMD for a complete review of the specifications and features.

If you want to obtain the most accurate information regarding the AMD RX 580 then you can consult the latest specifications by downloading the AMD RX 580 reference design and the AMD RX 580 specifications by visiting the official sites.


Latest Price:

If you are looking for the latest pricing of the AMD RYZEN series then you can find it by visiting the official site of the AMD for the AMD RYZEN pricing that will include in the upcoming AMD RX 580 specification. You can also compare the latest specifications and prices by using AMD’s official website as there will be a section that offers the latest price analysis for all the AMD RYZEN series.

In the upcoming AMD RX 580 series, there are some changes that will make from the current AMD RYZEN series but the most important change will be the release of the AMD RX Vega series. There will a new configuration called AMD RX Vega that comes with sixteen compute units that can perform the same tasks of the current models and there will be eight memory modules that will be supported.

The AMD Vega comes with a new configuration called the HBM2 technology that will be able to provide the performance that can meet the demands of the market. The other major difference between the AMD RX 580 and the current AMD RYZEN series will be the price.


AMD RX 580

AMD RX 580

The new AMD RX 580 has an MSRP that will be around $500 while the current AMD RYZEN series has an MSRP that ranges from around $329. So if you want to save money then it is recommended that you should go with the AMD RYZEN series that has a lower price than the current AMD RX 580 model.

The main difference between the two series is that the AMD RYZEN series will come with three BIOS and the newer model does not come with the factory overclocked speed that the previous AMD RYZEN series does.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the release date of the next AMD RYZEN series. The new configuration supposed to release on August 30th at the very least. You can always find the latest specification and prices by using the official websites of the manufacturer.

From where you can get the best price?

However, if you want to get the best price possible, you can try searching for AMD RYZEN online stores. You can also look for the manufacturer’s official website that has the latest information about the AMD.

RX 580 specification and pricing and look for the official AMD website that sells the AMD

RX 580 reference design. and you can compare the price of each configuration before making a decision. So you can get the best deal when you buy the AMD RX 580 online.