Apple Apps Got Redesigned and its Map App is Now Available Across the Country

With a recent update to Apple apps, the newly upgraded Maps app is made available across the US. In Miami, it has added real-time transit for added benefit to daily travelers. Knowing congestion and avoiding routes with delay and taking faster routes. Apple has updated the app to offer a more detailed experience to its users in the US. This will include a comprehensive view of roads, buildings, parks, airports, malls, and other public places.

Years Spent in Upgrading the Content

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, Apple utilized the latest technology to bring more detailed maps into its Apple maps online viewing experience. The map update is one of the most welcomed additions to Apple apps. It offers services in cloud, browser, iTunes, and more. Thus, having a new and upgraded map is more than useful. As per some statistics, people rely on these maps for the everyday commute.

  • Now, they can know real-time transit information from their apps.
  • Apple has spent years collecting data to offer a richer 3D view and a 360-degree view.
  • Apple has claimed it to perform better than Google Maps as of now.

In 2012, Apple replaced Google Maps with its own Apple apps, so that they do not have to rely on the third-party services anymore. However, that launch didn’t go quite well and that is why it had to revamp it from its core.

iOS 13 has Brought a Series of Changes

The current update with iOS 13 has enabled a series of changes to the Maps feature, for example, the real-time transit schedules and a list-making feature called ?Collections?. These are a push forward to making Apple apps ecosystem self-sustained as much as possible. The less Apple has to comply with working with standard worldwide tools and services, the more it can increase its profits. And, this goes directly into better products and services.

  • Apple introduces its Look Around feature in iOS 13 that was meant to counter-attack Google’s Street View.
  • Apple further used much enhanced and high-resolution 3D views that would offer smoother and detailed transitions.

The map app update was a ground-up approach and hence it took years to bring a major upgrade to the service. Starting with Miami, it will slowly be released for New York, San Francisco Bay Area, LA, Las Vegas and more. The real-time transit information is something people are quite excited about.

Over the course of 2019, Apple has delivered on its promises and things seem on track. Though the Apple apps now cover only the major cities, there is serious effort into making this widely available. This is a private map app and it is separate from most other services available such as TomTom. The quality is of higher priority here and hence the rollout is slow and phased. Not to forget, Apple is also keen on privacy which is at the core of Apple apps update and features that come with it. This is what makes their services reliable and secure.