A New Intel Processor spotted in 3DMark with 5.1GHz boost

New Intel Processor spotted in 3DMark

There has been a tough competition between AMD and Intel processor for quite some time after the release of the Ryzen series. With the AMD making a comeback, Intel is trying hard to push the boundaries and figure out ways to live up to the expectation. The gaming market is one such segment where higher clock speeds and benchmarks are taken quite seriously. The better the CPU is the greater the chances of being deployed.

So far, AMD has had an edge in this segment, but with the new 3DMark scores we are looking at something big from Intel. The upcoming Intel processor could very well be the best when it releases, and the first to be used in commercial personal laptops and desktops as well.

Comet Lake Flagships have a Lot to Deliver

The upcoming flagships in the next series of the new processor of Intel are called ?Comet Lake?. And, going by the same naming spree it had adopted for some years by now, we know that this is for real, and launching sooner than its usual release cycles. The Intel Core i9 Intel processor is the chip meant for desktop CPUs, and it has been spotted in 3D Mark with a boost of 5.1GHz. The base speed was reported at 3.7GHz considering these leaks from users and databases of benchmark 3D, the processor is going to be a modest upgrade from the previous series.

  • This glimpse shows how the 10900K will run and perform.
  • These leaks are from 3DMark and not official statements so one has to take it with a pinch of salt.
  • With 10-cores, 3,7GHz, and boost up to 5.1GHz, this new processor is a beast for desktops in 2020.

We are expecting Intel to make some statements when reached out or on their own. AMD, their rival, has been working on their

Thread Ripper series and higher core CPUs as well. And, it seems it is going to be a tough game in 2020.

5.1GHz Maybe Just a Single Core Boost

If you are already planning on using this to upgrade your gaming desktop, you should wait for some time. The initial results are good but also not complete. For example, 5.1GHz is usually the reported boost of a single core and not all the 10 of them. So, across 10 cores, the CPU might still fall short of delivering and AMDs may have an advantage once again. Intel Processor comes with ?Velocity Boost Technology?, which could theoretically hit up to 5.3GHz under better thermals and cooling. And, this is a big thing.

  • There have been advancements with cooling systems till date but Intel processors are not known for good cooling.
  • The power consumption of its next-gen Comet Lake is not known yet and its standard model?s performance specs are not known too.

Without any showcase in CES this year, it is unlikely Intel is ready to release all its models anytime soon. But, there is hope, nevertheless.