Battlefield V to Get Final Stand-Alone Update in June, Weekly Rewards to Follow

Battlefield V to Get Final Stand-Alone

The 16th edition of Battlefield games will be updated for the last time. DICE, the studio behind developing the well-known shooter video game revealed that it is going to receive its final standalone update during this summer, even though some sources have said that the game developer will continue to work on a few aspects of the first-person video game.

  • About Battlefield V

Battlefield V is the 16th installment in the Battlefield, hardcore gaming series. EA DICE developed the game and Electronic Arts published the game for the first time. It is one of the most-played games on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One platforms. It was released on 20th November in the year 2018 across the world.

  • When will Battlefield V be Updated?

Chapter 6 of Battlefield V named Into the Jungle online games is set to end on 29th April 2020. Ryan McArthur, senior producer of the first-person shooter game posted a blog on the website of Electronic Arts saying that DICE is ready to roll out another standalone update for the game in June. This update will include new weapons and content along with game tweaks.

  • What about the Developers?

Though it has been already announced that the update will come in June this year, Ryan McArthur also mentioned that the process may get delayed due to the difficulties faced by the developers of DICE, the hardcore gaming company. They are facing challenges with the new ?Work from Home? setup. They will need some time to get adjusted before thinking about the update.

  • Added Feature

As Battlefield V will get a standalone update for the last time, the games 2020 players will get the chance to collect weekly rewards in the form of Company Coins or Currency. With this, they can unlock gear that they may have missed during the lifespan of the game.

  • Plans of DICE

The main developer of Battlefield V, EA DICE is currently planning to add weekly activities and events which include returning of the friendly servers, #FridayNightBattlefield and Throwback Thursdays. This will  bring all the battlefield games? players together all. The developer is still working on Community Games updates for hardcore gaming players who prefer customizable multiplayer experiences. DICE said that Battlefield V may be walking towards its end but it will continue with its anti-cheating project for this shooter game. They have urged all the players to send reports if they see any cheater as it is expected that it will go on well after its final update.

  • Reliving World War II

The first-person game, Battlefield V shifted back to the action of World War II where a campaign consisting of a single-player featured different War Stories telling lesser-known, but at the same time, highly emotional stories to keep them engaged. The main focus of the shooter for all the games in the Battlefield series is competitive multiplayer. Besides classic modes, all the PS4 games players were presented with Tides of War which primarily focused on specific areas during WWII, and Firestorm, which DICE assumed to be the genre of royal battles.