New Strategy Game for Hardcore Gamer (Mechwarrior 5)

New Strategy Game for Hardcore Gamer (Mechwarrior 5)

MechWarrior 5

Mercenaries are the latest game in the popular MechWarrior series released by Piranha Games on December 10, 2019. The title is currently made available through the Epic Games Store. The game takes you to the fictional world of BattleTech where you have to combat Battlemechs, infantry, and tanks that are part of a vast colonized star system.


MechWarrior 5 is a futuristic Mech simulator game that moves at its own pace. The game begins with the player taking up the role of a MechWarrior who is assigned with a mission. Based on the instructions received each mission has to be accomplished for the player to proceed further. There are challenges in every mission as the player has to combat with other Mechs that attack in unexpected ways and are all different from each other. The missions are organized and controlled as campaigns by allies from a hangar where the player receives specific orders from superiors. The game starts from the year 3015 and every task including regaining health and repairing damages is accompanied by the passage of time which is a major feature of the game. The story of this battle campaign takes the player through several decades until he finally reaches 3049, the year that witnesses a massive Clan Invasion. On the whole, the game offers lots of action and adventure. It is an ideal combat game for hardcore gamers who can experiment with various strategic techniques.


The game has advanced graphic elements that make the whole UI look quite realistic. Even though the events occur in the future, the landscapes and natural surroundings are picturesque with lots of trees and scenic attractions. To experience the optimum effects of its graphics settings you need to play the game on PC with a processor no less than Core i5-6500 and a 6GB graphics card like GeForce GTX 1060. Nonetheless, you can enjoy it on a low-end system but the graphics quality would be compromised.

The game has an elaborate customization section where players get to choose from a list of over 50 Mech chassis. These Mechs can further be modified to look different by adding colors and other customizations. The game also has an extensive arsenal section where you can select various types of guns, rifles, missiles, and laser weapons. As the player makes progress he can unlock higher levels that let him access to more powerful weapons.

Strategies of MechWarrior 5

Mercenaries have all the traits of a classic combat game. After a handful of missions, players may feel that things are getting redundant. However, at this point, the game poses new challenges that can easily make the players lose the round. But hardcore gamers know where they need to be more defensive so that they can survive through these unexpected attacks. The most important thing for a player to excel in this game is to learn how the Mechs work. Get used to all the functions and shortcut keys that can make your MechWarrior a fierce fighter.

One of the drawbacks of the game is that if you lose in the middle of a mission, you need to start the mission right from scratch. So players need to be prepared and be at their maximum health to combat the enemies. Also, exploring the arsenal section and buying lethal weapons can help you win at a faster rate.