The Best Chromebook Tablets You can Buy in 2021

With four months into the year and a slew of online launches, some of the best Chromebook tablets might have been completely missed. Samsung, for instance, released a brand new Chromebook. There are many reasons why Chromebooks have become an alternative to laptops and are slowly and steadily taking a chunk away from Windows. The biggest reason is the Android ecosystem on a bigger screen. While also being fast, reliable, light, and very affordable and in its segment.

The best Chromebook tablets are a brand new segment offering after all as comparing it with traditional laptops is not worthwhile.

Google Pixel Slate

Right from the horses’ mouth, the Pixel Slate is a nice mashup. It is Google’s on offering and so definitely premium comes with all bells and whistles. With up to Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, there is a lot to offer with the Chrome OS. It features out-of-the-box compatibility with lots of Chrome OS devices. Except for the LTPS display which is small at 12 inches, but the right size for on the go users.

Samsung Chromebook Plus

This is a device that has all you need on the go. You have a 13MP camera on the rear, 4GB RAM, Core m3 for superior battery life, 12 inches of real estate, and Chrome OS. The price is around $600. You are getting one camera for a selfie on the front as well. This is a good blend of tablet computing and a good tradeoff among the best Chromebook tablets. It also comes with a stylus, included in the box, for taking notes, and so on. Nothing artistic should be expected from it, to be clear.

HP Chromebook X2

There is a pen and it should be with a Chromebook. HP’s offering is also sophisticated, premium made, and priced. It will allow the versatility of working anywhere. There is a keyboard dock that can be removed. It is a handy stylus that sits right by your side. As of specs, it is not that powerful as Google’s Slate but gives you a Core M processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, and a 12-inch screen. It covers the bare essentials as you can imagine.

Asus Flip is Gorgeous

The Chromebook Flip C434 is a hybrid and nothing like the others. It delivers all the things the Chromebooks priced above the $1000 have to offer but at half of the price. Yes, this sells for $500 but is a solid offering by all aspects. With a Core M3 processor, you have enough battery life for the journey. It contains 4 to 8GB RAM, because it matters, and a 14-inch screen because Asus can. It is a convertible that takes a good traditional laptop size and offers a Chrome OS version. For many 12 inches is the right size, but for others working on this for hours and doing all office work online means 14 inches is more soothing to the eyes.

Without any doubt, Asus Chromebook Flip is the best Chromebook tablet (as its convertible) in 2021.