Best Laptop 2020: The Best Laptop You Want to Buy this Year

Best Laptop 2020:You Want to Buy this Year

If you?re planning on upgrading your laptop or looking for a good laptop for a particular type of profession, we have some best laptop 2020 recommendations in this article. A laptop good for media consumption is not the same for writers or engineers. A laptop for on-the-go business professionals is not the same for heavy-duty gamers and industry professionals. With different categories, different specs, and top-rated laptops, finding the best laptop 2020 is a difficult choice.

At a glance: best laptop 2020

HP Dragonfly Elite: The best overall laptop in the market

Dell XPS 13 2019: The best laptop for all-day work

Huawei Matebook 13: The best value for money deal you can get

Considering a laptop as the best laptop 2020 is a subjective concern because some features are useful to you and not to someone else. Hence, it is important to break down the products in the best laptop display category or the best laptops 2019 list for all those that have performed great for the last year?s releases. Consumers prefer to buy them as they are well-reviewed and tested. HP laptops are widely popular as well.

For example, the best gaming laptop in 2019 and 2020 is Alienware Area 51m as per several reviewers. And, Google Pixel Go was the best Chromebook in the crowd last year. Looking more closely at the top three in the list for the overall category, we can see why they outperform others.

Hp Elite Dragonfly 2020

This laptop comes with an impeccable design, some really good internals, a solid excellent battery life, and is also expensive at the same time. It is in the high-end best laptop 2020 category. Equipped with 8th-gen CPUs, and UHD graphics and 16GB of RAM, it is the best for all types of work. You get a full-touch display as well in 13.3 inches, so you can use a touch pen for artistic sketches and graphic design too. Finally, with a 256 GB modest SSD, it is complete.

Dell XPS 13: 2019

With a nice muted color-tone, this is probably the best-looking laptop. But, its internals is super as well. You have a beautiful display up to 4K, better battery life, centered webcam, UHD 620 graphics, 16GB RAM option, 8th gen i7 and up to 1TB of generous super-fast SSD. It is made for all kinds of work but is expensive and a high-end bargain.

Huawei Matebook 13

When comparing this with others, the comparison isn?t always right. It has Nvidia Graphics, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, that is, offers everything the above can at a much lower price-tag. There is no compromise in quality as well.

With just a month into 2020, we have a good overview of the products that made a big splash last year, and some of them are worth considering for real. While it is worth waiting for new releases, it often takes a lot of time from being released, reviewed, and tested.