How to Play the Upcoming and New PC Games of 2021

Gaming as a service is creating a lot of hype now with big corporations like Google diving deep into it. When streaming services like Twitch became popular some time ago, new PC games found a new home. Players and gamers became YouTubers overnight and started wonderful careers online. With everything online, companies like Steam, Valve and big gaming studios who have been pushing multiplayer games from their servers with new PC games sought even more control.
New pc games

This created an ecosystem where gaming was no longer available offline and as a service. You could use your laptop, PC or consoles and enjoy the services even from third-party like Google with the release of new PC games every season. Google announced the Stadia, which it describes as games without a console or download. The idea seems fascinating but at the same time unsatisfactory. You need to be online on very fast internet to play a game. And, then you would also have to be tied to your retailer for the old or new PC games you can play.

So, the question arises about the availability. As games have been traditionally been released on PC, PS, and Xbox and so on, only those who support the new service Stadia can be enjoyed. For all others, you have your newly built gaming rig waiting for you.

The New PC Games We are Excited about

Every new game promises one thing, better graphics and brilliant animations. But, the game is also about the storyline, taking the user or gamer as the center of the development and the final result. Since new PC games have always been the epitome of video games widespread it is rational to find the top games so far.

NVIDIA’s RTX series Super cards and AMD’s RX offer the gamers a lot of options. In the end, the battle for the superior machine yields the best performance. The series from Metro: Exodus has been a promising release this year. In 2019, as the year comes to an end, there have been several releases and expos now. Fast-paced action games are always the beloved siblings of new PC games. This includes Call of Duty, Generation Zero, and many more.
New pc games

A set of hot games that you can play today includes Mortal Kombat 11 and Anno 1080. These can be played with just RTX 2060 a base model for desktop gaming computers. With 16 GB RAM, you can beat the best contenders here.

So, the first among the new PC games that you lay your hands today is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It remains the classic series and brings together everything their fans have loved about it since 2003. Also, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is on top charts for the best new PC games because of its opposite gameplay and far from AAA titles.

Now GRID is something you will definitely like too. It is an arcade-style driving and racing game all with realistic damage and challenges.