Tech Gadgets in 2020

A Look at the Best Tech Gadgets in 2020

Samsung is making some of the most exciting announcements and exhibitions this CES and there is a lot to wonder about. There are also other new tech companies like the DNANudge that have showcased their innovative ideas, prototypes, and products. These tech gadgets are concepts and practical, both. But, if something you will find rare is that running into one company, again and again, that is, amazing new companies.

This time it has come up with a new intelligent robot called ?Ballie?.

Samsung Ballie

First, Look at Samsung Ballie

As the name suggests, this tech gadget is a ball and also a lot more. As customary with tech showcases, the hands-on and early designs have als

o resorted to changes and enhancements. It was first announced in the keynote address of Samsung in CES 2020. It was seen following the presenter and then retracting back as it moved towards the ball. This showed it had some serious computing and comprehending power inside the small shell.

It follows your kind of everywhere you go. There is a small camera on the ball with a nice wheel that helps it gently glide over the smooth floor. Then, it can snap pictures when it sees you ?Do Something?, preferably anything other than just walking. This is an AI you may actually care about because it brings the robot to your home in the cutest way possible.

Future Technology and Tech Gadgets

As with every piece of information, future tech gadgets will probably shape in the form of robots and intelligent beings. What their CEO called, Age of Experience, in the keynote address in CES 2020 Las Vegas event, might wonder you. Samsung Ballie is a tiny tennis ball-sized robot with a camera and a few sensors with a pair of wheels to move around. It is a rolling personalized robot, kind of like the one showcased by Piaggio, but several times smaller.

According to CEO H.S Kim, who we are is changing and who we care for is changing. This is why the tech gadgets and the technology behind it need to change. The next evolution is the IoT and Samsung Ballie was the best way they could announce it. It can snap pictures; recognize you, your dog, a flower, and you watering a flower, and much more. It is connected to your smartphone is the command center, but can also connect with all your smart devices at home.

Samsung talked about its smart connected world and how tech gadgets can take cues from its innovative ideas and foster the new changing lifestyle for tomorrow.

The DNANudge Grocery Shopping Gadget

If something can tell what is good for you, it?s this company’s wearable. As they claim the wearable tech gadget has some neat features. Unless you are a trained nutritionist and carefully read each label and look it up online, there are chances this $200 band might be useful. It does some pretty amazing things. It can tell you which food is good for you and which isn’t?

Simple! DNANudge is a company with an innovative new tech gadget. The company is based in London and specializes in personalized nutrition with a key to optimizing grocery shopping. This is a wrist band linked to a company’s app that scans a label on the food and gives real-time feedback on whether they’re good.The DNANudge Grocery Shopping Gadget

How? Well, here is the DNA part. The company allows you to take a DNA test and then it learns about your health condition in a very specific manner thereby guiding you which grocery is good and what to avoid. There is a simple light indicator on the band, the tech gadget here, that turns ?Blue? or ?Red? to notify you. It starts by sending a saliva sample to its headquarters in Covent Garden, London. They test the sample and analyze your DNA to give you a complete breakdown of your nutritional profile. This is something not even doctors can do, and even if they did, there was no way of ensuring if a product you just picked up is good for you to eat or not. Who has ever read the nutritional label and understood it all? This tech gadget actually helps the most here. The wearable brings all the value to the tests.

By using the breakdown of whether you’re sensitive to salt, low or high risk of diabetes, sensitivity to peanuts and so on. Then, of course, your sample is destroyed. Of all showcases, this was probably one of the best tech gadgets of CES 2020.

It is apart from the usual TVs and robots. But, we shall soon move back to them.

The Bixby and Sero TV

The most money-making business is healthcare wearables today, but AI is also coming to homes faster in the form of TVs and other household appliances. Again, quickly in the same demo video of the Ballie, Samsung also showcased its Sero TV, which is particularly interesting because it can change from portrait to landscape mode right from your smartphone, based on the content you’re viewing and your smartphone’s orientation. With Bixby, it is making a lot of progress too and can control TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, speakers and a lot of lot more.

Dell’s Concept UFO Alienware Gaming Handheld

This interesting concept is reminiscent of Nintendo Switch and is powered by Intel, however, looks rather more pleasing and fun to play with. The design is the most attractive with the portable gaming Windows PC coming at 8-inch real estate. This tech gadget is a gaming device tablet with detachable controllers. It has a nice kickstand, well-designed ergonomic pad, support for external mice and keyboard as well. As the gaming industry gets mobile, having a full-fledged gaming tablet is a sure take.


A host of new companies are making healthcare more practical with tech gadgets specific to users. Juggling between these new innovative ideas like Dell’s UFO and bringing together a whole new ecosystem of IoT is the future we must all look forward too, and Samsung is trying to be a pioneer in it.