Biohacking and Its Different Approaches

Biohacking is a concept that is unique and is akin to experiential human biology. It is the practice of making small but incremental changes in lifestyle or diet that can bring about improvements in well being and health. There can be several effects achieved from biohacks. These comprise of enhanced functions of the brain to rapid weight loss. The best results in biohacking come from being informed and cautious about what impacts one?s body.

Biohacking and Its Different Forms

Biohacking can be in different forms such as DIY biology, grinder and nutrigenomics.

  • Nutrigenomics

This is a section that focuses on the impact of food and how it can influence genes. There is a popular but debated theory that biohacking can help impact genetic mapping; it can also correlate how different nutrients affect the health of an individual and their behavioral and growth patterns. The influence of food on behavior, thoughts, and feelings is what Nutrigenomics is all about.

  • DIY Biology

DIY biology is a biohacking initiative that has been experimented upon by scientists. The experiments have helped to bring out techniques and tips that non-expert can use for conducting experiments on their own food and lifestyle, even outside a controlled environment like medical offices or labs.

  • Grinder

This is a subculture process in biohacking that considers hacking of the different parts of the human body. Grinders are akin to creating cyborgs that can optimize human bodies with gadgets, implants and chemical injections. These can help make bodies perform different functions and at different optimal levels of performance.

Effects of Biohacking

There are different ways biohacking can work though many alternate views exist. Nutrigenomics can help hack into human biology in different ways such as help decrease the risk of a disease that one might be predisposed to genetically. It can help showcase a co-relation between emotional, mental and physical changes and to bring about reduction in certain symptoms like depression or weight loss. Bodily functions can also be impacted such as control of blood pressure.

Nutrigenomics showcase how food can impact genes and that can be varied for different people. Not everyone?s bodies showcase the same response to habits and diet changes. Nutrigenomics research studies show that gene expression changes are one of the many effects of food as well as effects on weight, stress levels, and exercise.

Different Experiments and Their Outcomes

There have been several experiments and their outcomes have been varied. For instance, a man injected Chlorin e6 in his eyes to enhance night vision. He was able to discern movements of people in the dark or when they moved about in the woods. The chemical helped enhance photosensitizers in his eye molecules.

However, it is difficult to discern the effects of certain experiments and these can be varied between people. DIY bio experiments have been done in different scientific labs but experts warn against doing them in the uncontrolled environment since they can expose the body to different biological agents and other harmful viruses. DIY bio has often been debatable while grinder ethics such as inserting chips in bodies are also considered to have dangerous consequences in certain cases.