Comparison between Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB

The two graphics card manufacturers, Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon are the main contenders in the gaming hardware segment and their latest products released in 2019, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB are here now for comparison.

  1. Clock Speed

If we look at the RTX 2080 Ti, its clock speed is 182 MHz; it offers texture mapping units more than its predecessor version, RX 570. As a result texturing performance is greater with this graphics card. In this context, we can say that RX 570 offers good shader performance which is also relevant. Both GPUs are known to support DirectX 10.

  • Driver Support

RTX 2080 Ti was an older release as compared to RX 570 and the former is known to offer driver support that is superior. It is optimized for playing the latest games in the market, even more than Rx 570. Both are known to offer performance that is powerful and hence, no matter which GPU you get hold of, you will be able to run even the high-end games that require the highest settings and top speed.

  • Memory Aspects

Video memory in the Nvidia card is more, about 7168 MB extra than what we find in RX 570. As a result, you are likely to enjoy game textures better here and displays at higher resolutions. RX 570 in comparison offers good memory performance as well but pales in comparison to the former which is also known for its superior memory features. In terms of memory bandwidth, it offers greater speed, about 392 GB/sec. This makes its memory performance better than RX 570.

  • Shader Performance

The shader processing units in GeForce is 4352 while in Radeon it is 2048. The actual shader performance is also better, being 7116 in RTX 2080 Ti and 2548 in RX 570. This translates into better performance in the sense that, the process is smoother and more efficient than what you experience with RX 570.

  • Transistor Size

This aspect in RTX 2080 Ti is 2nm which is smaller than what you achieve with RX 570. As a result, the RTX model will run slightly cooler and have clock frequencies that are higher. However, the difference is small here.

  • Power Usage

The GeForce model runs with 260 watts whereas the RX 570 model requires only 120 watts. If you are using the GeForce GPU you need a PSU with 650 watts at least whereas with RX 570 the requirement is 450 watts at least. Hence power consumption is higher with the GeForce model as compared to RX 570.


Though Nvidia GPU has the most aspects ranks higher than AMD cards, in terms of overall performance and power usage, a gamer would find good prospects with the AMD card as well. Nvidia is recommended for high resource-demanding games but it would also lead to higher power consumption. Nvidia GPUs are often designed for high-end gaming as this particular model is; for those who are looking for performance in a reasonable budget can opt for the AMD versions as well.