How Biohacking is becoming a Popular Refuge?

Staying healthy in the chaos of city life is not easy. Simple things like a walk under the morning sunlight, drowsing in the infrared light and lying for some eight minutes on a mat is what a hockey player of Chicago Blackhawks does every day. For up to 45 minutes every morning, doing these biohacks helps boost the biological and physiological processes in your body. He also talks about the mat having electromagnetic currents and taking supplements pills such as Vitamin C and liquid herbs like ?Ashwagandha?, in an interview to the ?New York Times?. What are these biohacks and why are they becoming popular?

Living Better with Science

The more you understand the physiology and biology of the human body, the more you can regulate it. With knowledge of medicinal herbs from native indigenous people around the world like Asia, biohacks have been targeted with natural ingredients. It is so much so that the term biohacker is becoming a popularly recognized term.

This became popular only in the past decade as a means of applying tech to biology for health. From experimentation to TED talks about the benefits, people have delivered their knowledge. The methods are never a science-book text method but include things that might seem very nonsensical at times from pouring raw water to hanging upside down so that you can hack your brain for increased blood flow, and more. This coincides with innovative ways and easier ways for a better lifestyle than targeting a health guide.

A Part of Millenials

Initially only practiced and pushed forward by a small group of wealthy people and millennials, the idea caught up as it required less effort and equipment most of the time. Today, biohacking has also become a marketing term and used widely for pushing novelty health products to the masses. They sell dietary supplements, meal-replacements, adding cream to coffee and more by repackaging them with the name ?Biohacking?.

Whether it is a fad for the rich people or something that works for you and you go with it, it is for you to decide. The health advice by biohackers are always more experimental and anecdotal. These methods are very stereotypical if you hear them like getting a good sleep everyday or going out in nature, doing yoga for 30 minutes.


  • It is hacking your own body for a particular lifestyle.
  • Natural biohacks are readily available today.
  • Sleep, time in nature, moving body, eating good food, is some areas where these hacks are largely applied today.
  • Breaking a sweat, introducing supplements, no alcohol or phones before bed are some initial biohacks.


  • Trying several things can result in wastage of money too.
  • It is time-consuming.

Sense of Purpose

The idea of doing all these is to introduce a sense of purpose and overall happy well-being of mind and body. Taking more care as to what goes into your body and what you expose it to can help regulate the life you experience. Chasing happiness is not biohack, as one report explains.