Call of Duty Mobile A Fantastic Game for Online Gamer

Ever since Activision took control of the Call of Duty Franchise, there has been constant development in the first-person action shooter. While Call of Duty-Modern Warfare brought the game into popularity when a lot of other games were stuck in the same old rhetoric, this was a breath of fresh air. Both of the single-player and multi-player versions were liked, if not adored by fans. Activision had to do more to keep the fan-following satisfied, or at least not abandoned.

Thus, the mobile versions came into being. COD mobile is taking the well-received game from PCs to smartphones or handheld devices.

A Multi-Player Masterpiece

Many reviewers have said good things about the current generation of COD on handhelds. They have found it engaging, the well-thought design allows players to enjoy the environment without getting lost, and easy controls make controlling the characters and weapons not that difficult. With a lot of criticism from gamers before, Activision wanted to prove its AAA title, COD, was more than that.

So, some even say this might be the best Call of Duty game that has been released in years, and the multi-player version is capable of keeping the series alive. You can relive the action-packed game with the 30-second trailer posted on YouTube ?and it really looks amazing. Everything from graphics to soundtracks has been redone and optimized for mobile.


The reviewers at AndroidCentral call it a polished gem that long-time fans will appreciate. This game offers two modes: a standard 5-on-5 multiplayer for Deathmatch, Search & Destroy or a ranked match. While unranked matches have a more casual feel, ranked matches are restricted.

There is a lot of similarity with PUBG, considering that parts of this mobile version were developed in collaboration with Tencent Games, the parent company behind PUBG. Something that has always been a hit with COD fans is the ARMA-like zombie apocalypse fight till death mode. This is not available now but will be added soon to the main menu with a future update.


There is a Battle Royale mode just like COD-Black Ops 4;

  • A new Zombie Survival mode is also coming very soon.
  • The controls, soundscore, and graphics are all optimized to earn decent gameplay on mobile devices.
  • A free-to-play game, that is, COD mobile, the multiplayer mode is brilliant that it does not force you to upgrade weapons or character during the gameplay.


For well over a decade, the game was out of sight with any major developments. COD mobile was well due for a very long time.

Final Thoughts

The inclusion of a full-fledged Battle Royale mode is the icing on this game. This lets you enjoy the most with multiplayer mode with friends and random players on the go. It is simply outstanding as some reviewers have pointed out, in the multi-player genre, and everything seems so much more intuitive to use, play, and enjoy. It has only upped the benchmark for future game developers, and activation too at the same time.