Orasaifu is a smart wallet to keep money and cards safe

A company called OraSaifu is in the market trying to appeal to its customers a new gadget that doubles up as your credit cards, tickets and more. You can carry just one card-shaped Smart Wallet and that is it. It provides not just online, but offline access to your cards, membership cards, gift cards and more of whatever you can hold in it too. This is the user selling point or USP of this new tech product, and we shall learn more about it here.

Smart Wallet, Not Digital Wallet

This is the new way of carrying cards and not use an app for everything. You can carry cryptocurrencies too, which is also a giveaway point for all. Likewise, this OraSaifu replaces your entire wallet and all you need to carry is this single thing. There is a two-step authentication in case anything goes missing, and you get offline storage of all this in your physical tangible card. Yes, this is a card-shaped electronics product. It makes your whole life easier and you don?t have to worry about losing your actual card.

It can reboot your wallet keeping it safe and working as Cold Wallet Mode and Card Mode, as you desire. And, more than that, on a single charge, it runs for up to 7 days. Yes, a week or more. This card also comes with bank-level security chip like those embedded inside those plastic credit and debit cards of today and is very much like a real card, except it holds so much more inside of it.

This is a Single Electronic Card

The OraSaifu can store all your cards in one place. It has a large card-size LCD panel that is bright and easy to read. It can be used to make payments at grocery stores instead of swiping your actual card. You can use it to upload your cards all at one convenient place. It is a duplicate of your card. Even, you can use it to unlock your door as you would normally do with a card key.


The first of its kind on the planet today, it uses both TEE and SE technology chips to enable the highest standard of technology that banks offer. This is used for all your assets, storage and payments you make through this hardware card. OraSaifu can be used as a cold wallet for cryptocurrency users and this makes it so convenient right at your fingertips.


  • This does not use USB like others but relies on NFC for security and transfers. There is dynamic QR code technology too.
  • This card works offline off the grid and offers yet complete functionality and control.
  • Recover your data even if the card is lost through a single key at your home.


  • It has long delays in shipping and not widely available yet.


With 45 steps of polish and 4-inch retina sapphire display, this card will last longer than any of your traditional cards.