Captivating Online Games to Keep you Entertained While Self-Isolating

Captivating Online Games to Keep you Entertained While Self-Isolating

So now you are confined indoors for an indefinite period during this period of quarantine and self-isolation. Whether you are sitting in or working from home but the truth is, you are likely to have a lot of time on your hands. To help keep up social interactions and fight boredom, playing online video games with friends is the perfect remedy. Below is a detailed list of online games that provide you with valuable insight into what you should expect from these amazing titles during this coronavirus outbreak.

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PUBG mobile is also a strategic action battle royale setup built on the PC-based version with well-placed touch controls that help you aim down on the weapon?s sights drive all around the detailed map on the screen as well as loot and fight anyone getting in your way. The franchise also provides an immersive voice chat feature that enables you to communicate with teammates when planning an assault.

This mobile version is well optimized for mobile gadgets with the iPhone 6s as the oldest phone it can support. There is also a setting that helps you vary the graphical settings to your preference to improve the participant?s experience as well as the overall performance. Recent updates have made it possible for the addition of a Miramar desert map with new interesting objectives to keep you occupied at all times.??

Player Unknown?s Battlegrounds is one of the online multiplayer games and is set to incorporate another 99 real-time players. The setting is in a remote and abandoned island with detailed graphical features. The main goal is to wipe out any existing threat or competition using all the necessary methods and remain as the last man standing. The franchise is widely popular and is available on gaming platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Xbox.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale commands a massive following with about 5 million active participants making it one of the most popular online games to play globally. It is a tactical action title that pits a hundred participants against each other in a battle for survival. There is an option where the participants can venture out by themselves or form groups with three or four participants. Whoever is the last man standing becomes the sole winner. Due to the level of violence involved, there is an age limit for those who can engage in it which limits it to people with at least 13 years of age.

Fortnite Battle Royale has a cartoonish animated graphics and shooting mechanics gives you an alternative to PUBG?s more realistic take. A feature that sets the title apart is the building of physical structures. It enables the competitor to build solid structures such as walls, flights and other objects that give you a boost in a fight and sometimes might expose you to ambush. This additional property of establishing any battleground and structures substantially changes the rules of the last man left.??


Warframe comes out on top as one of the most exhilarating action-adventure addicting games available on all gaming platforms on consoles as well as for PC. This title has successfully managed to infuse the state-of-the-art science-fiction setting with a touch of martial arts combat effects. It has attracted over 26 million gamers worldwide something that has been attributed to its player-base exponential growth in the past few years.

Warframe has highly customizable options that allow for weapons modifications exo-armor which goes a long way into helping you customize your gear in a way that suits your preferred playing style. The player also has their spacecraft that doubles up as a base for when they are on a mission. While navigating on foot, seven distinct mobility strategies will enable the participant to access some difficult areas and surprise your enemies.??

The in-game experience is engineered towards a simple and fun experience giving gamers the chance to shoot at things and eventually getting rewards for it. As a result of the impeccable mechanics and gameplay options, it is very easy to be invested in Warframe for hours on end.


There are however several other titles that you can play online with friends during this unusual time but these top the list for being highly competitive and immersive to allow for the best experience. Participating in these online multiplayer games with friends is guaranteed to keep you on your toes as well as provide you with enough entertainment to power through this challenging period.??