There’s a Deadpool Mini-Game in Fortnite – Here’s how to Play it

There’s a Deadpool Mini-Game in Fortnite – Here’s how to play it

If you love playing in Fortnite, then there’s good news. A new mini-game version for Deadpool has been added which follows the v12.50 patch. The freshly added mini-game in Fortnite has been named Pfreely. A Deadpoolian twist has been added to the old classic PC game, Skifree in the new version.

About the Deadpool Game

Deadpool is known as an anti-hero video game that is full of action and adventure. The character in this Fortnite Battle Royale game has the same name as that of the famous Marvel Comics. High Moon Studios developed this game and Activision for Microsoft Windows published the game. Apart from PC, this game is also available in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Twist

The twist that has been added to the new Fortnite mobile version of Deadpool is that you will have to ski down a rough mountain as the character. It comes in a pixelated format in the game. While skiing down, you or rather the character needs to avoid trees and Peely evil bananas to avoid crashing or slipping from the mountain. There are some other barriers in the game as well. You will certainly find the mini-game cute.

Accessing the Game on PC

You need to follow certain steps to access the new Fortnite mini-game. You will have to head straight to the Battle Pass tab in Fortnite HQ available on the main menu. All the characters of Battle Pass hang out there by the Challenge Table. Now you need to go to the hideout of Deadpool with the help of the vent. Inside that, you will have to access your PC. This is exactly the place where you have previously found the nine weeks challenge in the Deadpool game. Now minimize the window.

Accessing the Fortnite Game on Consoles

You can also play the game on any of your consoles. But the process of accessing is different than on your PC. Here, you need to click R1 or the right shoulder button. Remember to never click the trigger button; otherwise, the challenge menu will get closed. You can click to minimize this menu on your PC. Now you can access the epic games Fortnite video game from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and also on Nintendo Switch. But the controlling systems are different. You will have to press “Triangle” if you have PlayStation 4. Press “Y”, if you are playing on Xbox One, and press “X”, if you have Nintendo Switch.

Figuring Out the Game

You need to follow the instructions very carefully for accessing the mini-game. Playing the Fortnite mini-game Deadpool is self-explanatory so you need to find other controls on yourself. You may find figuring out the game a little difficult in your first attempt, but as and when you progress you will get used to all the controls and accessing methods. The processes on your PC and your consoles are different, so you need to be patient before starting off skiing through the mountain as the character of Deadpool.