Hello Games Not Yet done with No Man?s Sky Updates, Plans ?Ambitious Additions?

Hello Games Not Yet done with No Man?s Sky

No Man?s Sky, the survival video game is the famous Play Station game made by Hello Games, a British company that develops different kinds of games. This company has released a lot of free updates for the game No Man?s Sky over some past months. Recently, Hello Games announced that they will continue to make further improvements and additions to this space exploration video game although most of their developers are working from home.

About No Man?s Sky Game

One of the PS4 games, No Man?s Sky offers a large playground for gamers who want to explore the space. It utilizes a particular algorithm for creating and developing a universe that is filled with a total of 18 quintillion planets. The players have the option to explore them by foot or can fly between their spaceships. Some spaces in the game are empty and Hello Games have promised to fill them in their future updates.

The Announcement by Hello Games

The British video game company recently posted that the Hello Games team has now settled into this ?work from home? situation and that has become the new normal to them. The company also said that the developers are all working remotely and it is a transition period that is allowing them to take a moment and look behind their journey of making the video game. Four of the significant updates that were made in the content of No Man?s Sky are:

  • ByteBeat
  • Synthesis
  • Exo Mech
  • Living Ship

These updates have been released at regular intervals over the last five months and separated the game from the original version that was launched in the year 2016.

More Updates Coming Up

No Man?s Sky was off the focus in the beginning because they did not find enough reasons why gamers will keep on playing the game. But it got a second chance through various further updates including ?Beyond? update where a free multiplayer mode was added named ?No Man?s Sky Online.? The game has slowly transformed into a biggezr game for exploring the space that the players always wanted from its launch. The game is yet to have some more updates. Developers are currently working on some ?ambitious additions? to No Mens Sky VR. They also expressed their excitement about their plans for the remaining months of the year.

Great News for the Gamers

It has been announced by Hello Games that the developers are going to roll out an Exosuit Backpack alternatively. They have already unlocked the toxic plants, Watchful Protrusion, Blistering Mushroom, and Tentacle Spire at the shop of Quicksilver Bot. The players must also look forward to weekend missions that have newly unlocked. In the latest one, all the gamers need to speak with Iteration: Ariadne on the Space Anomaly.

About the ?Ambitious Additions?

Nothing  known about the ?ambitious additions? made for No Man?s Sky that Hello Games mentioned earlier. All the developers are working on this game leaving aside all other survival?games. So the players should wait to see future updates.