Coronavirus: From tech startups to supercomputers, How Technology is Trying to Help Tackle COVID-19?

Coronavirus: How Technology is Trying to Help Tackle COVID-19?


As mankind grapples with the biggest pandemic in living memory, governments across continents are relying more and more on technology to find a way to kill the virus and bring life back to normal.

Why is the World Scared of COVID-19?

The new virus playing havoc and forcing us to reboot our lives has posed many serious challenges. Above all, it is spreading like wildfire with no treatment in sight. Therefore, it has put enormous pressure on the health infrastructure of nearly the entire world. In addition, the economic and social activities have come to a screeching halt with no signs of immediate revival.

  • It is spreading very fast.
  • The rate of new patients and deaths is doubling by the day.
  • There is no vaccine available for its treatment.
  • Current treatment is more by trial and error method.
  • The virus has put an unbelievably high strain on medical, economic and social infrastructure.

Role of Technology in Tackling COVID19

Governments across the world are increasingly dependent on tech startup companies to find a solution to this pandemic. For instance, many startup companies with startup investment and some with self-funding are working on integrating technology with the traditional systems to understand the spread of the pandemic. In addition, they are developing technology to identify hotspots to contain its spread. Above all, since it has been established with research in medical science that transmission of this deadly virus happens in a very early stage of the infection, this is where technology is playing a critical role.

With the traditional methods to trace symptoms and suspect patients, slow and time-consuming, technology especially the one developed by the start-up tech companies is proving to be extremely useful. In other words, developers and governments are coming together, mobilizing all their resources in an attempt to contain the deadliest virus, modern-day mankind has seen.

  • Tech startup companies are developing software to trace the virus.
  • Technology and traditional systems are being integrated to contain the spread of COVID-19.
  • Startups are using technology to try arresting the spread of the virus.

Use of Technology in Times of COVID-19

Technological tools are being utilized for a variety of purposes. Developers are creating software to track patients as well as to trace its source. In addition, Tech startups and giants are helping people work from home, stay connected with their employers and complete projects via chatbots and visualization tools. In other words, while on the one hand technology is of immense use for doctors and healthcare workers in dealing with the virus, on the other hand, it is the only tool for companies to remain in touch with their employees and run their businesses.

  • Software developed to help track patients.
  • The technology used to find the source of the infection.
  • Companies are using technology to continue with their businesses.

Technology Helping Tackle COVID-19

  • Chatbots used by health services to assess symptoms and suggest next steps.
  • The technology used for trials of the vaccine.
  • Apps used for emergency responses. It is aiding patients to do virtual consultation with doctors.
  • Use of technology to aid the elderly, sick and the lonely.
  • Technology is helping raise resources by reaching out to people.
  • Governments will now speed up digitization of health care systems.


In conclusion, it has become very apparent that technology is playing a central role in the fight against COVID-19. Finally, even as governments are raising funds and loosening their budgets to deal with this pandemic, many startup companies are raising investments to develop software to help civil society and the medical fraternity catch up with the virus.