Most Anticipated Smartphones That Will Take 2020 by Storm

Most Anticipated Smartphones That Will Take 2020 by Storm?

Smartphones are evolving at a very fast rate in recent times, with continuous innovations and quality-based tweaks to remain competitive in the market. Consumers are left anticipating the next big thing year after year since there are always some new features being introduced in every flagship design. Several top tier mobile devices have already been announced this year with some of them breaking ground on breathtaking technology in the display, camera capability as well as performance.??


As expected, other devices are still being developed and are rumored to be released within the year as is the tradition with flagship devices. Giant companies in this field such as Samsung, Apple Huawei, and Google have established their flagship devices for the year 2020. Below are some of the most exciting devices that are expected to be launched this year.

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Apple iPhone 12?

It is still quite early but after releasing three exhilarating versions of the iPhone 11, Apple has been rumored to release its next flagship phone, the Apple iPhone 12 in 2020. Verified sources have recently revealed that the smartphone will still have the all-screen front face and will incorporate a unique metallic frame similar to that on the iPhone 4 as well as the recent iPad Pro. The company also plans to completely redesign its screen size with the series ranging from 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches different to the iPhone 11?s 5.8, 6.1, and 6.5-inch flagship devices of 2019.?

It is rumored to have no notch at all and all the sensors shifted to the slim bezel at the top although other reports claim that the company will completely revamp the design of the notch. At this point, it is yet to be decided in terms of what is already known. The device will come packing 4 cameras at the back; as opposed to three on the iPhone 11 series since there will be an additional time-of-flight camera lens on the iPhone 12.

There is also an expected 64-megapixel camera feature that is set to revolutionize its imaging technology. The launch is expected to be announced in September of this year. There is no estimation of pricing as yet, although it is expected to command a price higher than its predecessors.?


OnePlus 8 Series

As the rumored release of the first smartphone by OnePlus this year gets closer, several reports have pointed towards a remarkable piece of technology that is set to make a good impression on its users. However, there is some slight improvement over its predecessor, the OnePlus 7T. Some of the specs are quite similar such as the 6.55-inch screen size, the 1080p AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate, the Snapdragon 865 processor. The device also has three cameras at the back and packs a 4300mAh battery.????

The Pro version of the series is expected to be released in May 2020 and will introduce a wider shift with an almost similar design as the OnePlus 7T. The device will however not include the pop-up selfie camera that was present in the previous year?s Pro version. The OnePlus Pro is expected to have a 6.78-inch QHD+ AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and a four-camera unit at the back. The most interesting features, however, are the wireless charging capability and waterproofing technology that hasn?t been introduced in any OnePlus gadgets before.???

OnePlus also plans on releasing a lite version of its flagship. The mid-range version will have a 6.4 or 6.5-inch display with an on-screen fingerprint feature and a less expensive MediaTek processor chip. It will have a dual-camera setup at the back and is expected to be announced earlier than the other two versions.??


Google Pixel 4a

Reports have suggested that Google plans on releasing only one mid-range variant in 2020, the Google Pixel 4a. This device is expected to have a 5.81-inch screen with a hole-punch display setup. It will also have a fingerprint scanner on its rear. This Android device will not have Soli radar sensors on the Pixel 4 but will ship with a headphone jack on it. To keep the cost affordable, Google will likely have it on a plastic frame. The date of launch is not certain yet but sources claim that it might be released in May of this year.????

The screen size is expected to be at 5.7 or 5.8 inches and is will probably uphold Google?s trend of high-end camera quality with mid-range features at an affordable cost. The camera will be at the rear and it will also see the return of the fingerprint sensor which is pretty appealing considering its value for money.??

Several other mobile gadgets are set to be released this year but these top the list for popularity, quality as well as value for money. Tech companies continue to redefine smartphone history as we know it and continue to defy the limits on what a smartphone can do.