Ever Wondered why Tajima Seiryo Jackets Keep us Warm in Cold, Not Cool in Summer?

For centuries, and from the point when humans started wearing clothes, we know how to use the animal hide, and leaves and what not to keep us warm. But, in the summer when it is so warm and humid, how do we cool ourselves? Yes, apart from air-conditioned rooms? Why not a coat does exist that makes us cool? If you have wondered about it, Japan has the answer. Something is trending on Japan Trend Shop called Cooling Jacket.

What does it do?

It looks like a scam right away unless you read closely what the engineers at Tajima Seiryo did. They have invented a portable air-conditioning as the weather is unbearably humid in Japan during the summer, and because being in an air-conditioned room is not always possible. With the Tajima Seiryo Jacket Cooling System, you can carry around your portable cooling system and work wherever you want without any hassle.

The product is already available for a price tag of $280, and not a Kickstarter or early prototype, so there is something to appreciate about it too. First of all, this product is not a standalone system but can fit under any of your shirts or jackets. So, you do not have to purchase a jacket and wear that all the time. This flexibility makes it stand out that no other air-conditioned room can offer.

The Technology Behind Your Back

This piece of tech comes with some portable components that weight reasonably to be able to carry it around. The entire cooling system comes with a 3-speed fan, a sturdy belt clip that fastens the whole setup to your belt, a 5500mAh battery to power it on, and this is also for hours. An adapter to power the fan, and that is all. The entire weight comes under 1.2kg which is lesser than your backpack when empty.

Ordinarily, people carry a backpack weighing somewhere around 2 to 5 kgs, depending on their stuff. So, this additional weight falls under a reasonable weight to carry around, where the weight of the power bank plus your phone is easily half of the weight of the entire cooling system.



  • The entire cooling system works with any shirt or jacket you already have.
  • The large 5500mAh battery is enough to power it for 6 hours on top speed, and 9 hours on low.
  • It requires no installation, no software, is hassle-free.
  • It is portable, weighs less than 1.2kg, and durable.


  • The cooling system is not as effective as inside your cabin at 20 degrees C.
  • It may be inconvenient to sit on a chair with this, but it is mainly for outdoor use when walking or standing.

Concluding Remarks

When thinking of portable jackets that cool during the summer, the idea seems unreasonable. But, Tajima Seiryo Jacket proves it is possible, if not ideal. It is not comparable to an air-conditioned room but is surely a relief for commuters under the sun and humidity.