4 Examples of the Finest Scuf Controller PS4

Is your PlayStation wholly worn down, and you would like to get a new one? You do not have to obtain a costly replacement. It is possible to get a pd4 controller at a lower price. The professional-class PlayStation 4 has currently become a better bet, especially for more demanding gamers. This article helps you know some of the best scuf controller ps4 in the market that will cost you between ?20 and ?200.


  1. The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro (Price: ?149)

Revolution Unlimited Pro comes in different weights, which are easy to insert into the controller chips. Its coating is such that despite many hours of using it, it cannot slip from your palms. Besides, this ps4 controller has tactile and very responsive buttons. Revolution Unlimited Pro is the best option if your primary concern is weight, stick length, and custom gaming profiles. It also allows you to have control over trigger sensitivities. To top it up, you can connect the Revolution Unlimited Pro to your gaming PC.

  1. The Razer Raiju (Price: ?120)

Razer Raiju is the best ps4 controller for aspiring pros. Among its features are a Microsoft button and a stick layout. Its face buttons are wonderfully tactile. Instead of floating pads, the directional pad has individual buttons. Also, it has a perfectly responsive thumbstick. It is also sensitive, thanks to the hair on its touchpad. If you use this scuf controller Ps4, be sure to get tremendous marginal gains.

Finally, Razer Raiju has four mappable buttons. Two of them are located on the underside while the other two are next to the shoulder buttons. Consequently, players don?t have to move their thumbs from the sticks to hit the face buttons.

  1. The Scuf Impact (Price: ?120)SU

Undoubtedly, you can never go wrong with ps4 Controller brands. Here comes a recently launched Scuf Impact controller, which is incredibly super-perfect. It is fitted with textured anti-slip grips, adjustable hair triggers, and quick shift trigger stops.

It also has interchangeable thumbsticks that can differentiate domed and concave surfaces. To top it all, you can fully customize the Impact controller before purchasing. It is fitted with multiple colors and styles just for you. You can comfortably play with it for long durations. All these fantastic and advanced features have been designed to boost your gaming experience.

  1. Sony DualShock (Price: ?44)

If you are looking for a general PlayStation 4, Sony DualShock is the best to go for. It being the official controller, the comfort in its usage and the responsiveness has not been compromised. The controller charges via a micro-USB connection, which is also used for data transfer. Also, it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Some people also use this scuf controller Ps4 as a Bluetooth controller for Android tablets or PC.

In conclusion, there are a number of ps4 controllers in the market to cater for all your needs. Each has different features to suit your individual needs. Go ahead and make your choice today.