The Finest Gaming Graphics Cards of 2019 for Gamers and Engineers

When competing for the sweet spot for performance vs. cost and limited options of OEM, the list is often easier to compile. The same is the case for GPUs today. Though the market is filled with various laptops and desktop configurations with the overall configuration affecting final performance, the GPU alone can be reviewed with benchmarks standardized by the industry. And, YouTubers and websites that survive on tech go through immense pain to crown the king every year.

It will be contradictory often based on parameters and choices. Go with the flagship product that is at the top, and leave the rest is a sound idea if you do not have to worry about the price tag. Every year thousands of people, both personal and business, upgrade or buy new laptops and computers. The market for the gaming graphics card is perhaps the single biggest boost to this product that has kept manufacturers busy since the days of MS-DOS games like ?The Oregon Trail? and ?Doom 3D?. Are you ready to spend the equivalent of the sum for a completely new laptop on just a GPU? If you can, here is a list for you.

The Most Popular Ones

The current best, both in terms of price, compute and graphics is the AMD RX 5700. It is the best because it does the best in all 3 categories. It offers 2300 stream processors, 8 GB of DDR6 memory, a memory bandwidth of 14 Gbps, and runs as 1465 MHz. Of course, it does not have the fancy ray-tracing from NVIDIA, but that is not everything or a feature that will limit your workflow by any means. It offers excellent performance.
Best Graphic card

Its Rival NVIDIA RTX 2060 is the direct competitor. Though with the recent release of its Super and 2080, it has marginally surpassed with its additional ray-tracing capabilities, but again, AMD is going to release its new line soon too. It is undoubtedly the finest gaming GPU of 2019.

The 2nd in the list is NVIDIA 2080 Ti which offers high 4K fps gaming, real-time ray tracing and extremely expensive. It does well in one category only, so, the 2nd spot. The 3rd spot should go to RTX 2070 Super because of little less expense, more CUDA cores, 1440p ray-tracing and really breaking a bank for money. Taking the ray-tracing out of the equation, AMD will easily surpass its performance, but if that is the thing that your project needs, there is only one player, NVIDIA.

With 2060, the ray-tracing abilities are little to none and though it can run 4K at 30 fps and runs a bit cooler, its performance is heavily impacted when ray-tracing are turned on even at QHD. For the best GPU PC, we would like to go with AMD RX 5700 or Radeon VII which is the best FHD card in the market. It offers plenty of VRAM, runs very cool and great for gaming.

As 2019 is about to end, a new list is already underway.