The most anticipated PS4 Games (Last of Us Part II)

The Last Of Us Part 2 is the most anticipated game among the ps4 games. It is an improved version of the game Last Of Us Remastered that was written by Niel Druckmann who says that part II will be more violent and hatred based as compared to the first part which was love based. In his new script, he uses 19-year-old Ellie as the person the players are going to control. People have however complained about the violence in the game but Druckmann says the game is designed for adults and only adults should play it.

The picture above is part of a trailer of Last of us part II playing in play station 4.


The game makers have delayed its release date to May 29th, 2020 because they want to make it better. The game comes with better graphics and will be entertaining when included among ps4 games. In the new trailer, Druckmann first said that they will release the game on February 2nd, 2020 but in the latest episode of October, they released the new date and urged the fans to be patient with them because they are making something great. Druckmann said they underestimated the scope of the game and that was their fault. The release date has created animosity among the fans because of the anticipation they have for the game. Sony and Naughty Dog have explained the change of the release date on the social media pages. The head of Naughty Dog Druckmaan apologized to the fans in his twitter handle by explaining the delay.

Neil Druckmann?Verified account?@Neil_Druckmann

The Last of Us Part II has a new release date. Here?s a letter to our fans. Apologies for the delay. Please know we?re working very hard to make it worthwhile.

9:05 AM – 24 Oct 2019


The game comes on different packages. The packages of the game are a standard package, special package, collector?s package, and lastly Ellie?s package. The standard package is the lowest package of all and is bought at a less price. It has fewer features than all the other packages. The special package comes with good graphics and a high price compared to the standard game. There also some special offers for this package at Amazon. Ellie?s package is the best and can be found among the ps4 games. Playing it brings real-life situations. Druckmann says it is created to bring and discourage the violence among people.

The last of us part II is created to bring three main genres adventure, action and horror. It makes the player have fun with new experiences in every stage. The Last Of Us Part II is available in amazon for pre-order. The prices vary from one package to another. The game is also available in Walmart online shops at $59.99 for the fans who want to do pre-order. However, I would advise you to order ps4 games because that is the best platform for this game.? It can also be played in play station 4 because of its high graphics and virtual reality inclusions.