Game Informer?s Top Shelter-in-Place PC Games

Game Informer?s Top Shelter-in-Place PC Games

The staff of Game Informer has put together a list of games, from faraway kingdoms to the depth of space, which come across with amazing escapism and loads of variety. As a major portion of the world is under lockdown, these large-sized games can prove to be excellent time-sinks.

Let?s take a look at the top shelter-in-place games list.

Disco Elysium

If you are looking for some relaxed gaming with familiar graphics, it is better to stay away from Disco Elysium. This is a dense and complicated game and is not like the ones you have played before. The investigation RPG developed by ZA/UM is a must-try. In this game, you get to solve a murder as a detective who is hardly able to keep it together in the fabricated story of Revachol. Nevertheless, this doesn?t involve an age-old story of the cop tracking down a filthy killer. It is more than that. The game shows what a bad cop is capable of accomplishing with various degrees of redemption and guilt. Crack your brain to interpret the clues and look for a solution. However, do not be dazed if your actions come back to haunt you. As you progress in the quest, you are going to meet new characters and learn about the history of the world. Even small talk can lead you to solve puzzles and reach new levels in this top shelter-in-place game.


The systems interlocking to deliver intriguing and customized scenarios are also called story generators. However, only a few of them have their story generator integrated into the core like Rimworld. This game is going to put in a group containing three characters that are procedurally generated. Each of these characters comes with their own personalities and back-stories. Being the storyteller, you can spin the events as per your wish. Thus, it can be chilled out and non-threatening, smart and controlled, or just simply random. You will choose the situations for the characters and build the settlement. However, in most of the parts of this top shelter-in-place game, you will see characters build relationships, hunt, and work.

XCOM-Enemy Unknown

With the world combating the pandemic, it appears like the earth is being attacked by an alien. With XCOM-Enemy Unknown you can simply give a face to this alien and defeat it in a battle. Even though Firaxis’ first product is legendary for the player, there are many things that XCOM does quite well. As a group of aliens invades the planet, you have to assemble a black-ops team that will fight to win over the dreadful reign. When you level-up, you are going to learn about the amazing capabilities. However, even the aliens have their own trick and are quite fearsome. You just have to make sure that you are approaching the situation in the right manner.


Have you ever considered being an artificial intelligence? With Observation, you can explore this possibility. You will be playing as the AI of the space station that will come online to rescue humans from peril. Some disaster has befallen the ship and you have to help the humans. The mystery of what you are going to do and did you do something to the ship is going to unfold eventually. No Code has hit a jackpot with the settings and the story.