Free Quarantine Games Helps you to not get Broad at Home

Free Quarantine Games


These are difficult times. Half the world is stuck at home. While many are quarantined due to carrying the deadly Coronavirus others are tied at home because of the compulsions of the world we are living in today. In other words, people are learning to live without physically socializing with each other.

New Means of Socializing

There is a silver lining in the current scenario. Adults, kids, the not so young and grandparents are all learning to spend more and more time with each other as a family unit. In addition, this is a time to find new ways to stay connected with extended family and friends. For instance, many people are opting for online games to keep in touch and break the monotony of quarantine.

Free Games 2020

Experts who once called the irresistible urge to play free online games a disorder have now started identifying the benefits of playing them. Since the pandemic began, the gaming industry has been offering many free games to its customers. More and more people are finding them a boon in these distressing times. Multiplayer eGames help people stay connected and kill boredom.

  • People have identified the benefits of playing free online games.
  • There has been a spike in the usage of online games.
  • Many free games have seen an increase in popularity.

Best Games 2020

Here is a beginner?s list of some of the best games of this year available for playing free on any online platform. This list has been prepared by researching the various websites which are counting the benefits of playing online games during the quarantine.Free Quarantine Games

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is a first-person shooter game played among multiple players. Developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment, it has been available for free since 2018. Launched in 2012, CS; GO is the 4th advancement to the Counter-Strike series. Since then it has become one of the more popular EGames available.

CS go

  • It is the 4th repetition in the Counter Series of online games.
  • CS: GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter game.
  • Free to play since 2018.
  1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 allows a shooter to explore the mysteries of the solar system. It is a multiplayer game wherein, the players have to defend humanity from powers beyond the solar system. Bungie developed this free game.

  • First-person shooter game.
  • Played with multiple players.
  • Player has to protect the last city of humans from enemies who have come from beyond the solar system.
  • Developed by Bungie.
  1. Path of Exile

Set in a dark fantasy world, Path of Exile is a free to play online game developed by Grinding Gear Games. It is played around Wraeclast, an imaginary continent that is brutal and scarred by mysterious catastrophes. The game is designed around items such as a flask, topaz ring, and an underground sea map.


  • Set in a dark fantasy world of Wraeclast.
  • Designed around items.
  • Developed by Grinding Gear Games.


In conclusion, playing eGames has multiple benefits. For instance, it helps people chat, make new friends and build relationships along with leisure and entertainment. Socializing through online games has the inherent gain of connecting strongly and in a meaningful manner.