The New Best PC Games of 2020

The New Best PC Games of 2020

Taking part in games is a generational thing. Everyone is playing it, including adults and children. People play these games for various reasons. Some of these reasons include slowing down your age, ease your mind, and help you to solve problems, among others. Here are some of the games that you can enjoy in 2020.

1. Half-Life: Alyx

Finally, the valve is releasing the Half-Life game after 12 years of waiting. Some of the fans gave up, while those who had hopes have their prayers answered. Half-Life: Alyx refers to the game that involves the events from half-life 2 and the first half-life.

Although the creator has not decided its date of release, players are hoping to enjoy the game in March this year. The game will cost around $60. But it is going to be free for every person who has a VR headset from Valve Index.


2. Cyberpunk 2077

This is a game from the CD Projekt Red. The creator promises that this game is going to be exclusive for players. The game comes from Northern California and the action occurs in Night City. It is one of the fictional places that have a history. Cyberpunk 2077 will have graphic content. Since it entails nudity content, the game is not suitable for children.

The date of this game is not decided yet. So, this means the game does not have a rating yet. But once the game is released, you will have the opportunity of customizing the way you want it. Some of the aspects that you may customize are facial features, gender, and name.

3. Doom Eternal

Doom eternal was to be released on November 22 last year. But unfortunately, the developer postponed the date and opted to release it in March this year because he wanted to make some changes. As the doom player, returning to earth becomes problematic after the invasion of demons.

So, the game expects you to take a gun and kill the demons. Among the weapons that you can take include the plasma rifle, super shotgun, and combat shotgun. The game will come with a new feature called invasion. This feature will give other players a chance to join you.

4. Halo Infinite

Halo is one of the?best PC games 2020?that people are waiting for. Many engineers have had sleepless nights trying to build a new engine that will help to run the Halo Infinite game. The game will be released this year. But the actual date has not been decided yet. The game will have microtransactions. This means it will focus on engagement as well as social features that can motivate players to enjoy with friends.

Moreover, players will have the opportunity of customizing the armor pieces to something they want. So, the developer has plans to release various parts of this game for every player to enjoy as they play.

5. Marvel’s Avengers

Eidos Montreal, as well as Crystal Dynamics, is playing the role of making this game. Every player in this PC game has a unique position in playing. This provides a feature that players can enjoy. The game involves four main players. They include Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk. These four characters form an alliance that allows them to use their powers to take their enemies down.

  • Captain America plays the role of hitting many enemies using his shield. He can throw the shield at a distance and move quickly to take out the enemies.
  • Thor slams his hammer to cause a flash of lightning. This takes out enemies, even at a long distance. He gets help from Mjolnir to launch a few strikes at the ground. The hammer can bust the rocks and walls to enable him to go to different places.
  • Iron Man shoots his enemies at a distance and uses a few tactics to dodge the incoming obstacles as well as attacks. It is not only challenging to target him at the ground, but also hard for enemies to him when flying.
  • Hulk has a style that he uses to punish enemies. Hulk uses his stomps and punches to deal with opponents. He can also pick enemies up and put them down. Additionally, he has the skill of jumping the wide gaps at high speed.

6. Kerbal Space Program 2

Kerbal Space Program 2 is among the?best PC games 2020?that is redesigned from scratch to ensure it meets the needs of space as well as modern exploration. The new features that will come with can captivate both the returning and veteran players. It will involve space experts who will find themselves learning rocket science.

The animated tutorials revamped flight instructions, and improved UI will allow players to put their skill as well as creativity into the test. Moreover, the players will have the challenge of dealing with new parts and engines. The new techs will not only create a puzzle for players but also provide features that can help them to explore in space.

Final Remarks

PC games have always been affordable. But the prices, features, settings, and themes of these games differ. So, be ready for the new games that will be released this year for you to play and enjoy.