Google Assistant Easter Eggs You Can Look For in 2021

Are there any real Google Assistant Easter eggs in the movie? We have put together a list of some of our favourite Google Assistant Easter eggs for you to play with your new Google assistant. Get ready to tickled pink with some profound Star Wars love!

  • Google Assistant Star Wars Easter Egg – The movie starts with the familiar Google logo, which replaced with that of the Galactic Empire. The Empire’s symbol and logo also appear on Google’s home page and in Google+ photos.
  • Star Wars Holiday Special Easter Egg – The movie opens with Darth Vader’s first scene where he meets Luke Skywalker. An egg with the “new year” theme is visible in Google’s search results for “Darth Vader”.
  • The Empire Strikes Back Easter Egg – It’s easy to assume that the Galactic Empire’s logo uses during the film’s climax. However, the Empire doesn’t appear in Google’s search results. Google Assistant uses a Star Wars character instead. A Darth Vader-like icon appears next to the Google Assistant interface.
  • A New Year’s Eve Easter Egg – This one comes from Google’s famous ‘Happy New Year’ animation. In this video, the Google Assistant can see delivering a string of New Year’s Eve messages to various users of the service. The messages will likely include the “Happy New Year” song, which makes perfect sense given what happens at the end of the film.
  • Star Tours Easter Egg – When you search for Google on YouTube, the top result will feature a video from the movie in which Yoda makes a cameo appearance. Yoda says something similar to ‘I am here to help you, Obi-Wan.’ Then the Star Tours vehicle zooms by, and a pod race scene plays. If you watch closely, you can see Yoda sitting beside Luke and Leia.

The Empire Strikes Back and New Year’s Eve

If you happen to know of any of the Google Assistant Easter eggs mentioned above, then you should share them with us so that we can update our article with their descriptions and videos. Also, if you spot any other hidden Star Wars eggs in the movie, then you can tell us about them too.

Of course, there are a lot more Easter Eggs in The Empire Strikes BackEmpire Strikes Back and New Year’s Eve. You might find one or two of them that surprise you, but the overall theme remains the same: Google’s quest to provide the best experience for its users. So, if you’re looking for one to try out, try the above ones first. And see if you like them.

And if you’re not quite sure if the above is actually from the movies, then you might want to take a look at the “You” section of the Google site. On this page, you can sign up for the latest updates and see the movies that were added to YouTube for this year. As, well as the ones that are coming up.

The “Easter Egg of the month” is also called the “Star Trek Easter Egg” and it’s been around for many years. When you search for “Star Trek”, Google searches for the phrase “Easter egg of the month” along with “trek”, “Star Wars”, and the word “space”. In the past, this has displayed the Star Trek logo in place of the usual Easter egg. If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s an Easter egg that’s used for new viewers who haven’t seen the show yet.

Star Wars Easter Egg

Star Wars Easter Egg

The next Easter egg that Google is likely to reveal is for the newest Star Wars film, Galaxy Easter. If you search for this term, it will lead you to a site dedicated to the movie that features the trailer, posters, behind-the-scenes images, and all the other available information. There you can find all sorts of things about Star Wars, including the special Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise that fans are sure to want.

In addition to the Star Wars Easter eggs that the search engines will show, you can find them on the New Year’s Eve as well. As you’ve probably already figured out, there will be plenty of New Year’s Eve surprises and announcements on the site. Whether they come from the Google Assistant or another part of Google, they’ll be fun, engaging, and exciting.