Here?s What You Should Know About the New Google Pixel Buds

Here?s What You Should Know About the New Google Pixel Buds?

Google is planning on launching its first-ever true wireless earbuds soon, the Google Pixel Buds, a product that will offer competition to other similar products such as Apple?s AirPods. The tech giant has continued to have a considerable influence, especially in the smartphone world and other diversified tech products such as the incredible smart speakers. However, Google is yet to make a mark in the sector of personal audio products.

The launch of the Google Pixel Buds will be the beginning of new world order as it will have an influence this product will have on the market. This development was announced in October 2019 at the event from Made by Google. During the event, several other products from the company, such as the Google Nest Mini were launched. The Google Pixel Buds will come with pre-installed support from Google Assistant and hands-free support from the remarkably smart voice assistant feature.

?As per Google?s directives, the Google Pixel Buds will have a secure and longer-stretch Bluetooth connection coupled with top quality sound capability. The wireless earbuds will be a strong competitor to the already established true wireless earbud varieties already in the market. The anticipation of the launch of the earbuds is building day by day. People are already setting up pre-orders for this effect. Here are a few things to note about the Google Pixel Buds.??

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The Design?

From the released images of the earbuds, they seem to have a smaller design with a smoothened and flat solid outer structure that will fit perfectly in your ear. Google revealed that the Google Pixel Buds were designed based on thousands of ear scans to come up with a customized and comfortable ear fit with a stabilizer arc acting as an earfin to hold the buds securely in place. They also feature silicone ear tips that will vary in size to suit all ear structures. The new Google Pixel buds will be water and sweat resistant, as specified by Google. They are perfectly suitable for workouts as well as unfriendly weather conditions.

However, they do not feature an ideal noise cancellation property but have a spatial vent that will be key in ensuring that you are fully aware of your surroundings as they will some noise through. The outer part of the Google Pixel buds will be sensitive to touch, a critical feature that will allow you to play and pause music by tapping. You will also be able to vary the volume through swiping. Using the Google Assistant feature will require you to use your voice. The Google Pixel buds will come in four colors from white, mint-green, black, and orange as well.??????

Bluetooth Connectivity and Battery Life

The Google Pixel Buds will five hours-worth of battery life using the earbuds alone and about 24 hours by wireless charging. It would be exciting to have the reverse wireless charging technology that is on the Samsung Galaxy S10 that requires you to place the buds on the smartphone that charges them from its internal battery.

The Google Pixel Buds will also have incredibly long-range connectivity by Bluetooth that will make it possible for you to have your phone far from you. You will still listen to music from wherever you will be with no connection loss issues. Google revealed that the new technology would have a range of about 100 yards between you and your phone, adding that the Google Pixel Buds will also feature the latest wireless streaming Bluetooth 5.0.????

?Audio Quality

This feature is the most critical feature of any speaker, headphones, or earbuds. There is little known about their sound quality since there haven?t been any external tests. Still, there is some information revealed about the audio technology incorporated in the Google Pixel Buds. Google has announced that they will ship with 12mm dynamic drivers that will be custom-designed, providing a powerful clean sound.

The dynamic drivers are lightweight and compact and work to displace large volumes of air to establish vibrations that become soundwaves. There is an accelerometer in the Google Pixel Buds that will be key in ensuring that phone calls have clear sound since it has a detection mechanism that detects sound when you are talking. The true wireless earbuds will also have microphone support positioned towards the mouth with a background noise blocking feature.??????

The Google Pixel Buds app that was launched recently established confirmation on some of the features that will be highly appreciated, including adaptive sound, touch control, and in-ear detection coupled with a Find My Device property. The app will also enable you to monitor the battery pattern of your earbuds, ensuring that you have complete control. They are expected to launch in June this year.?