How to Build a Gaming PC

As a long time computer enthusiast I can’t stress enough how important it is to know how to build a gaming PC. Having the best component in your arsenal will lead to years of comfortable and happy gaming. So, now that you’re itching to start building your own gaming PC, what components do you need? You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about Intel’s new Haswell chips, which are being used in a lot of high end computers right now. And the best thing you can do right now is to research and find out more about them.

1st Choice

There are four main elements that make up a gaming PC. These are an internal processor (the chip inside your personal computer), a motherboard, an internal hard drive (or solid state drive), and a graphic processing unit (or graphic card). Understanding these parts and knowing how they work together can help you build a better PC for gaming. And finally, there’s the third component, which is the optical drive or disks.


When you’re learning about how to build a gaming PC, the first thing you’ll want to learn about is your main components. These are your processor, graphics processor, hard drive, memory card, and operating system. Each of these parts play different roles in gaming to learn each one is equally important. Let’s break these down even further.

Your processor is the heart of your gaming pc. It’s the brain of your new system and is usually built directly inside the motherboard. So, finding the best processor and motherboard that fit your budget is essential. Two of the most popular, but also the most expensive, processors are Intel and AMD.

Graphics cards

Graphics are the second most important part of your custom pc. Often referred to as graphics cards, these components are what help make your games look the best. There are two different categories of graphics cards – discrete and integrated. You can choose from either one of these depending on the type of performance you need from your gaming pc.

Memory and storage are the last two components we’ll discuss. Unlike the other components, memory is soldered directly into the motherboard. This means you have to have a strong motherboard in order to use the right amount of memory. Since storage is soldered into the hard drive, it also has to be strong. Again, choosing the right components is crucial for a powerful gaming pc.


Before you go about building a gaming pc, it’s important to test out the parts you plan to purchase. There are lots of review sites online where you can test parts and see the performance they offer. Testing the various components will give you an idea of which ones you should get, but be wary of counterfeit components. Look for a motherboard with sufficient slots for all the components you plan to put on it. It’s also advisable to do a lot of research into which motherboards are compatible with which gaming computers.

Power supply

Finally, don’t forget to get a good power supply. Don’t buy a cheap power supply, just because it’s cheap. Remember, you’ll be using the power supply for your computer, so you need to get a good one that will do its job. For the extra money you spend, see if you can get better performance from your computer by upgrading the RAM and the processor. Also, ensure that the video card is compatible with the system you’ll be putting on the gaming pc.

You may have heard of gamers that prefer to use longer, more expensive cables for their keyboards and mouse. The truth is, expensive doesn’t always mean quality. Cheap cables can easily break and are not at all secure. You also need to make sure the power supply has the correct screw connectors. It helps to go into the computer case and check the screws. If there are faulty screws, it’s definitely time to replace them.

Try to buy new parts

The final thing to look for when buying cables and other components for a gaming PC is how secure they are. Some people mistakenly think that they can just buy any old cable and avoid any troubles. However, it’s best to go for a good brand name so you don’t have to worry about the power cables breaking or the graphics card power cables shorting out. It’s also important to make sure the connection between the video card and the mainboard is secure. The safest way to do this is by buying from an officially supported manufacturer.

Keeping your PC clean is very important. This is even more important with graphics card power supplies and the motherboard. Dust and dirt can easily build up around and on these parts, which are not only bad for the visual quality of your video but can also cause some heat issues. Cleaning your computer before upgrading or installing any new hardware is the best and most cost effective way to keep your machine running at top notch.