The Hardcore Mode in the New Update of PUBG Mobile 0.17.0

New Update of PUBG Mobile

The game studio recently released a new update with characters and graphic updates going into PUBG’s new Chapter. And, already the leaks for the ?Hardcore Mode? are out in the wild. PUBG Mobile is all set to disrupt the online games, particularly mobile-Fortnite competition. The new mode has been added by PUBG Mobile in its Arcade Section and can be accessed with the latest PUBG Mobile update. This is particularly useful for small-screen gaming with several changes and optimizations made solely for that purpose.

The Classic Mode has also received some modifications in that regard. So, there is a lot to enjoy and you should consider updating to the latest patch right away, that is, PUBG Mobile 0.17.0. The new Hardcore Mode has added Death Replay, Season 12 content, and more in the updated version 0.17.0.

The Hardcode Mode for PUBG Mobile

In this new edition, the game has been made even more challenging for pro players. The sound prompts have been removed; the picking of items has been made manual. Thus, a player has to stay a lot more aware of using simple tactics. They have to manually keep track of every entry and exit in a building.

Hardcore Mode

The Death Replay is a feature added to the Classic Mode that lets you see exactly how you died so that you can prepare well for the next round. Universal Marks like the doors, death crates, vehicles, locations, and supplies have all been made available in new modes. In addition to that PUBG Mobile now has a new air-drop weapon called DBS. It uses double-barrel 12 gauge ammunition now.

User-Interface has been Revamped

The accessibility and the user-interface inside PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 have been revamped as well to make the small-screen gaming more convenient. There are even teammate volume control and a new colorblind mode that changes all the color options for in-game indicators like smoke and poison. This is particularly useful. As a new player to PUBG Mobile, you can now even register as a Rookie for Classic Mode and have more experienced players guide you through the first matches. This is helpful to get a feel of the game and not be frustrated with it.

PUBG Mobile is soon to celebrate its 2nd anniversary and Season 12 Royale is all set to be released as well. This has been a lot talked-about in online games recently, so the new Hardcore Mode can be quite easily missed.


The patch notes of PUBG 0.17.0 gives us all these insights but there can be many other improvements that are not highlighted for now. It can only be understood once you started playing and trying out various things. For example, Erangel Amusement Park Mode is also an addition that will be made available from March 12. In this mode, old school amusement parks will appear randomly in several locations. In all, Hardcore Mode’s return to PUBG Mobile is the most prized asset for many folks.