Home Security Camera Options for Smart Surveillance in 2021

From outdoor cameras to smart doorbells as well as prototypes with facial recognition, Several options are available when looking for a home security camera. Indoor security cameras stand guard when you are far from home and watch over your valuables or keep tabs on a playful pet. On the other hand, home cameras for the outdoors make everything function apart from changing temperature, snow, wind, and rain. The outdoor security cameras depend on the same technology as their equivalents. For purposes of this article, the focus will be indoor as well as outdoor home security camera models in 2021.

gray surveillance camera on gray wall

Image credits: unsplash.com

Wyze Cam

Set at only $20, Wyze Cam provides an unbeatable value for money coming out on top of its competition. It has a user-friendly app that has reliable performance and is easy to install on any device. It is a remarkable home security camera that gives you a free cloud storage service with a convenient micro-SD card slot that allows for local storage. As with most of the other home security camera models, the micro-SD card has to be purchased separately. The Wyze Cam supports voice commands from Google Assistant and Alexa, and its motion detection security feature well complements this.

Arlo Pro 3

For the two-camera pack, it contains color night vision, a built-in siren, fitted spotlight, 2,560×2,560-pixel streaming, as well as 12x zoom. The home security camera package gets you sound and motion alerts along with living feed access. You will be required to pay a nonobligatory monthly fee, for the Arlo Smart subscription from a minimum of $3 each month. The Arlo Smart outdoor home security camera incorporates many features such as detection zones plus advanced notifications of packages, cars, people, and animals. It also has E911, which is a feature that allows you to contact the local law enforcement using the Arlo app irrespective of your location.

NetCam IQ Indoor

NetCam IQ Indoor is an incredibly well-rounded home security camera with a bevy of high-end features. It comes in with 1080p live streaming capability with a 4K resolution image detector that allows for the supersight feature. This feature is critical for the camera as it zooms in on a target using the field of view to track and follow the target. The facial recognition property is accessed at a subscription fee of $5 per month that sends out alerts when the camera identifies any of the people in its database.

Arlo Video Doorbell

The outdoor home security camera goes for $150 and has an excellent performance rate. It comes with multiple features and reasonable cloud storage charges, from as low as $3 every month. With the cloud storage subscription, which is free of obligation, you can access advanced automobiles, animals, persons, and package notifications. The smart buzzer has an easy installation process, motion recognition zones, two-way audio, built-in siren, plus arm/disarm modes.

Logitech Circle 2 Home Security Camera

The indoor-outdoor home security camera is among the few that are compatible with the smart home platform from Apple, HomeKit. Logitech Circle 2 acknowledges responses to Siri commands given from a HomePod smart speaker and is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. This home security camera lets you enjoy all the key features of voice assistant properties.

Netatmo Smart Indoor camera

The Netatmo Smart Indoor camera ships in at $200 and is among the few indoor security versions that offer support for the HomeKit Secure Video. The HomeKit Secure Video only works with the iOS home app offering up to 10 days of video log history and is stored in iCloud. Only a few home security camera manufacturers offer free cloud storage these days, and therefore, this particular model has a significant edge over the other versions. Netatmo has designed this home security camera to stream live at 1080p resolution coupled with night vision and a 130-degree field of view. The indoor smart camera also has a microSD card that is crucial for local storage purposes. An essential feature of the remarkable camera is the facial recognition feature that allows you to document a database that includes family and friends who may frequent the home. It also supports Google Assistant and Alexa voice recognition services.

The provisions in each home security camera vary, and deciding what to purchase can be a daunting task. However, whether you require one to watch your children and pets or the comprehensive service sentinel to be on the lookout for intruders, there is a wide variety of home security camera models addressing various needs.