A Humanoid Robot that can Scoop You an Ice-Cream

Businesses are trying innovative methods to lure customers. From robot-themed restaurants to humanoids that can now serve you a cone of ice cream as you desire. This not only shows how researchers and computer programmers have developed but also the direction of research in the field of robotics. From unmanned vehicles on Mars to Robots in ice cream parlors, the diversity is overwhelming. There are a pair of highly dynamic robots that can do amazing stuff. But, Roboy is much more than a running Cheetah.

Roboy & what it does?

Roboy is developed by researchers from Roboy.org who have developed a fascinating technology they call ?Roboy Core? which is at the core of how Roboy moves and works. Roboy’s tech-stack is fast evolving and there are several modules to this mechatronics expert. They have provided their CAD repository and complete code on Github where you can tinker with it and also learn to do more. From middleware, controls, cognition to growth, there is a lot more. The most intimidating part of Roboy is its torso, and that gives a feeling of sophistication involved in its design too.

In all, Roboy is an ice cream selling humanoid on a cart. You can pay and it will give you an ice cream. The summer 2019 presentation was made in collaboration with a team that keeps varying from year to year. Their main members comprise of 6 students and many more depending on projects. They belong to TUM and 40+ roboticists from the university. The Roboy Avatar is also on XPRIZE which is a $10 million prize.

Roboy’s Torso

The most intriguing part of this robot is its torso which comprises of the advanced mechanism to make the robot serve you ice cream. It comprises of the chest and upper back which combine to form a protective rib cage-like appearance. This is where all tendons, motor units, and electronics in the arms are implemented.

The modular housing gives a provision to make changes. These parts are al 3D printed with Bosch and it houses 18 motor units of 500N each. Assembling and mounting are easier with the structure as well. There is a housing for a Matrix Creator. It houses 8 microphones for listening to people, and LEDs, that give the cool look. The ribs are monolithic and organic in shape too.


  • The hands have 20 servo motors which give it 20 DOF or Degree of Freedom.
  • The tendons support precision for fingers too and stability when holding things.
  • It closely mimics human hand and can do waving, pointing, fist-bump and so on.
  • The spine and hip bears most of its weight.


  • The robot is limited in voice conversations but does the job of serving ice cream very well.

Serve Now

With its hips, hands, head, and torso being some of the most sophisticated parts, Roboy can perform its operations with ease. Also, designed ad run by computer programs underneath the application to other areas is limitless.