Best mini projector to watch content and movies anywhere

Best mini projectors

If what you are looking for is information to know which projector to buy already arrived at the right place. Today I bring you a new buying guide in which I will talk about the best mini projector Nova X for presentations, games, work or whatever the use you want to give, in addition these mini led projectors are also perfect for when you want to see movies or series because thanks to its small size you can take it in your backpack or purse anywhere without any problem.

In this guide, I have focused on bringing you the best multimedia mini projector focusing not only on its technical characteristics but also on its design, size, price, and opinions after using them for a while. Let us begin!

Why buy a mini projector?

There are many reasons to buy a World?s Most Powerful 1080p Pocket Projector but for me, the main one is that there is nothing better than enjoying a good movie on Sunday night with a cup of hot chocolate with your partner, and with these projectors you can have Netflix, HBO or YouTube among others in your pocket at all times.

Also, thanks to the fact that the image quality and the display size reached by these projectors are really good, they can perfectly replace your tablet or television when viewing multimedia content such as series, video games, football matches, etc.

How to use a mini projector

Putting this type of projectors into operation is really simple, you only need to connect it to the power and then to the device from which you want to play the content, since most of the options that I recommend are compatible with HDMI, USB, SD or Android cards you will not have problems in this aspect. Once this is done you will only have to focus the image by adjusting the projector lens and the height so that it points exactly where you want. They also include a remote control with which you can do this and navigate through the menus, which is quite easy and intuitive in most of them.

What should you look for when buying a mini projector?

Before showing you my top of the best mini projectors I think it is important that you know what you have to consider before deciding which one to buy. Knowing this you will be sure about your decision!

  • Projector Weight

This is a very important feature in this type of projector since it is normal to take it to work or school for a presentation so it should not be a drag, it is normal that between 900-250 grams depending on its size.

  • Contrast

The contrast is an important indicator that differentiates the typical Chinese mini projector from one that is worthwhile, the higher the quality of blacks and whites, the more normal it is in a range of 2000:1.

  • Lens technology

There are many types of lenses for a mini LCD, LED, DLP projector among others and many times you do not know what technology to choose this should not be one of the main reasons to choose a projector since none is better than another all have its pros and cons so it is best to choose based on the feature set of the entire projector.

  • Brightness and Lumens

Along with the contrast, brightness is one of the most important aspects when buying a projector and this is measured in Lumens. Depending on the place where you are going to use it you will need more or less brightness for example, in open places the brightness should be greater to contrast with natural light while if you are looking for an office or room projector you will need less light. Normally, these portable projectors are around 2200 – 600 Lumens.

  • Mini projector brand

When you start looking for the best portable mini projector, there are many well-known brands that offer them such as Sony, LG or Samsung and although they offer quality products, in the world of projectors their prices are very high.