The Star Force in Your Super Band Made a Reality

Sphero’s new product gives you the ability to do miracles that would make you a sorcerer even in the 21st century. First, it looks simply stunning and futuristic, something you would have seen in the movies. For Star Wars fans, this is the best gift you can wish for. The remote-controlled BB 8 made quite a crowd when it was launched, and this is another big hit. Once again, Sphero did the same with its Force band, as they call it fondly.

What is Star Force Band?

So, in a zest, these guys want to reinvent people’s play. By far, the company Sphero becomes popular because of its BB 8 product that sold in huge numbers, something around 2000 every hour. It was a blockbuster. According to the founders, the Force in Star Wars is a life force that can do things. Such as controlling your BB 8 robot and playing with it. But, not like pushing buttons or tapping on your smartphone.

This is what this band accomplishes.


From its geometric and boxy appearance that compliments the band to the ruggedized plastic exterior that makes it so stunning and bold, and the military look that robots in Star Wars stand for, force and fight. On the front, there is a button, an illuminated gear-shaped thing, which is used to switch it on and off. The paint is a mix of orange, red, and gum-metal silver speckled with scratches and scuffs to make and feel it like in the movies.

It goes with its companion app for Android and iOS. There is the Velcro which allows it to strap it your wrist, and choose the associated actions you can do with this band. Then, with a combination of motion and gestures, you can trigger these actions to make it look even cooler.


This piece of toy needs a lot of training to control your droids. So, after following the initial setup, there is some work to do. On your wrist, it looks sharp as a razor, but makes it look cooler; you need to train your gestures. You can control BB 8, adjust its speed, and make it move around and more. For example, pushing your hand away from your body will push the BB 8 in the direction of your hand and with the velocity you applied when pushing your hand outwards.

So, this is relatively sophisticated stuff, but nothing less than magical.


  • You can control your BB 8 with this band like a magician.
  • Push your hand to move it, pull it to move towards you, and so on.
  • It is futuristic and looks stunning.
  • The design is great and durable, and the software is bug free.


  • Training is required to get the hang of it.

Final Thoughts

With toys that are more and more incarnations of fictional gadgets and imagination from movies, Sphero has delivered once again an amazing product. This also allows expanding its applications to research, engineering and more.