Here are Some of the Most Immersive VR Games You Should Play

Here are Some of the Most Immersive VR Games You Should Play

2020 has seen the emergence of some top quality?VR?titles has amassed a considerable following due to their total immersive virtual reality experience. Presently, the realm of virtual Reality is home to some of the most realistic and breathtaking gaming experiences that you can never find on any other platform. There is also a wide variety of?VR?headsets, each with its tailor-made design adaptation to reach out to every gamer. These headsets range from the high-end line such as the HTC Vive and the?Valve Index?to the standalone headsets such as the popular?Oculus Quest.?

On the much more affordable scope is the PlayStation?VR?(PSVR) headset that is designed to be compatible with gaming consoles and fit a vast range of budget specifications. These consoles offer some VR-Compatible titles with enough choices for everyone. Whether you prefer the slow and steady puzzle types of games or the much more action-oriented shooter games, there is plenty to browse through from the rich library of?VR?games currently in the market.?Virtual Reality?is gradually becoming the norm across the gaming community.?

More and more people are streaming into virtual Reality with so many tweaks and improvements being made to ensure that the players have a much more immersive experience. Below are some of the best?VR?games?you can play in 2020, which let you experience a whole new level of gaming.

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Half-Life: Alyx

There were numerous concerns about the new Half-Life game not being an exciting?VR?game since the last title from the series launched over 13 years ago. However, Half-Life: Alyx has completely surpassed all expectations with a genuinely realistic touch to the gaming mechanics. It is the first?VR?game from Valve and has completely redefined the world of Virtual Reality. It takes the gamer to whole new Reality, always yearning for what they might discover next.?

The game’s developers, Valve, put in a lot of work on this game to ensure that everything flows. The game has some fascinating scientific puzzles that will prompt you to think outside the box, which we’ve seen on the?best PC games. The?VR?game has paid tremendous attention to detail with the zombie-infested environments and death pits that spark up an unmatched terror compared to some of the action-adventure games out there. You can get the game for free if you buy the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and the?Valve Index.?

No Man’s Sky VR Game?

No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure game of survival developed by Hello Games. In 2019, this game was among the most sought-after?VR?titles. It saw a lot of success soon after release, and this is credited to its excellent virtual Reality in-game experience. The original No Man’s Sky game is designed to enable gamers to discover the virtual world and navigate through it to ensure that the game is fully immersive.?

Hello Games has taken it a notch higher with this?VR?game making the game’s virtual reality experience much better than a lot of the other games in the markets. It is already battling other games as being among the?best virtual reality games?in 2020.

Superhot VR

Superhot is a highly addictive?first-person shooter?game available on PSVR, Windows Mixed Reality, and Oculus. The first browser-based demo of this game launched in 2013, and since then, the game has had some significant improvements along the way. The game naturally settled well on?VR?headsets since it employs a?360-degree tracking technology?with enemies attacking you from any direction.?

It has been optimized to have time to move very slowly as you make these movements ensuring that the?VR?game makes use of much larger play space. As the game’s difficulty levels up, you will be required to be very versatile as you dodge enemy fire while bludgeoning enemies using muzzles on guns. The game also lets you use clenched fists to damage your enemies.

Defector VR Game

Defector is developed by Twisted Pixel, the same developers of Wilson’s Heart. They managed to incorporate an intense spy action gaming environment and infused it into?VR?technology. At first glance, the game resembles a Mission Impossible gameplay even better than the original Mission Impossible games did.?

The?action-shooter?title is designed to have you fully engaged through the entire game with a lot of freedom concerning what movements you choose to make. This title is one of the most immersive?VR?games ensuring that you experience the ride of your life.