Advanced Gaming Experience with Top VR Games in 2021

Whether you are figuring out outer spaces or utilizing real arms to pivot a virtual lightsaber, the top virtual reality games give the illusion of new worlds. With more incredible VR headsets becoming mainstream at affordable costs, this is the ideal time to get on board with virtual reality gaming. Platforms like PlayStation VR, Oculus, and HTC Vive have lots of exceptional games from individual indies such as Job Simulator and Beat Saber to AAA fare, including Tetris Effect and Skyrim. This article highlights the best VR games to watch out for in 2021.

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No Mans Sky VR

The legendary space discovery game can be played on the VR headset of PS4. The gamer is taken into the center of the modern worlds you explore or can sit plus appreciate the enormity of space from the cockpit of your ship. Due to the vast nature of the galaxy, it is impossible to exhaust the new things to view and discover in your quest for resources to enhance your ship and journey even more considerable distances.

Batman: Arkham VR

The game entails you getting in the bat suit and taking on the streets to fight crime in Arkham City. It is from the initial days of virtual reality, and the better part of it feels more like an extended although honed technology demo for an entire Batman VR game. The player teleports strictly to designated places in the Wayne mansion, the bat cave as well as anywhere in the city, with the majority of the direct action comprising of calling in for help from your ship or throwing a Batarang. You will have a lot of chances to evaluate your surroundings, examine crime scenes, pick things up, as well as otherwise indulge yourself in the universe of Bruce Wayne during your free time.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

From the world of dystopia as well as superheroes, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a game set with real-life affairs of the past. The announcement trailer gives an illusion of going back in time to the 1940s. The landscapes, buildings, and interior decorations serve as an accurate depiction of life in war-torn Europe. Being a part of the Office of Strategic Services, the gamer has to destroy the Nazis, pull through deadly attacks as well as provide help to the French resistance.

If you are a history fan, this is among the best games to play as you can experience the most profound events in the history of the human race. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond offers a high similarity level to reality for gamers who are lovers of history.

Lone Echo II

The continuation of Lone Echo had its initial release date on March 2021 and holds promise to be among the top VR games this year. Captain Olivia (Liv) Rhodes, along with Jack, her robot assistance returns in the mid of Saturn rings. Jack, who is the trusted partner of Captain Olivia (Liv) Rhodes, has to safeguard her against danger as well as help her in achieving her mission. With splendid graphics plus an uncannily realistic environment, Lone Echo II will fascinate the players of immersive games.

Eve: Valkyrie

Set in the Eve Online world, Eve: Valkyrie has competitive multiplayer spaceship action. It lacks offline one player mode or features of a conventional campaign. In its place, the gamer is placed in broad battlefields and has to shoot down the spaceships of the opposing team. You can choose ship classes, every one of them with its uniqueness and positions in a match.

Eve: Valkyrie is made for a seated experience and can be played utilizing either a keyboard and mouse or a conventional controller. You can also choose from five diverse multiplayer modes. The game monitors your head movements to assist you with visibility from inside the cockpit on all sides of your ship. Eve: Valkyrie is free of any motion-controller input and an excellent option for those searching for an immersive space action experience.

The buzz of virtual reality gaming stems from the first person and the ability of every player to handle the virtual surrounding. In contrast with regular video games, VR players most times feel like they are experiencing the effect directly from the eyes of their characters.