MAD Gaze GLOW_ Lightweight & Stylish Mixed Reality VR Glasses

MAD Gaze GLOW_ Lightweight & Stylish Mixed Reality VR Glasses

Augmented reality and virtual reality are concepts no more. Al big tech giants are working to pursue applications and gadgets that make this a reality. From gaming to industrial applications, engineers are finding ways to use this new technology for the good. The?VR glasses?introduced with Oculus, Vibe, and Holo was the first in the class. And, now others are soon catching up.

The Combination of Reality and Imagination

The new kid on the block in Glow is a mixed-reality pair of glasses for the masses. The bottleneck of bringing these to the masses is making them convenient. With large blocks sitting on your head strapped to your head, the purpose of enjoying is defeated. With MAD Gaze GLOW, this seems to change. But, seemingly the product is still on Kickstarter, things might change by the time it is shipped.

As of writing this article, this item has already been shipped and we can see the early reviews on this product. If you can make the gadget portable and stylish, people are going to love it. This is the primary goal. The promo video promises a lot of introducing three categories of its target audience. It is suitable for gaming on the go, for leisure activities like reading a book or novel online and for a business like working on presentations, taking calls and everything on the go.

This VR glasses offer 118 inches of real estate for viewing right in front of your eyes. And, you can interact with the content with your fingers as well as use it as a computer screen for typing with a keyboard.
VR Glasses

It has a Simple Plug and Play Feature

When it comes to using tech, at the user end, they must not be bothered with the installation of software or apps. It should be made as simple as possible. And, plug and play is the best concept by far. You have a wired connection connected to a USB C port on the glasses, and that is all. You can then pair it with your iOS or Android device, and enjoy it.

MAD Gaze GLOW is their latest attempt at bringing mixed-reality to average people. It acts as a replacement for laptops and tablets on the go. This device is a binocular mixed reality glasses inside a hybrid frame. Once you have connected it to your phone, it is super easy. When your phone is powering everything, you can use this as your virtual reality screen.

In return, you can also control your phone and view what’s on your screen right on these MR (mixed reality) glasses. This enables you to keep your head straight and hands-free. With this goal in mind, they designed it to be hassle-free right from the start. It looks like any ordinary pair of glasses but has that extra width to place the electronics and the nose piece. The portability has been taken care of trying to keep it under 75grams. Compared to an Oculus Rift which is around 2 pounds or roughly 1kilogram, this MAD Gaze GLOW is a feather in the cap.

The most important aspect of this VR glasses?is that it is lightweight, ultra-portable, and foldable like specs and fits in your pocket. It does not look outlandish if you use it in the subway or a restaurant, for example.

A Big Screen on a Small Device

The MAD Gaze GLOW is a pair of VR glasses like no other. When it comes to products like Oculus Rift there are certain levels of adjustments like the nose rest, the distance between your eyes and the lens so that you can adjust it according to your preference. Since this is like a normal glass, the distance and the adjustments are already done for you. GLOW is designed, as per their claims, to fit your IPD or interpupillary distance to better avoid fatigue or nausea. The best thing about their design is that the user doesn’t need to make any adjustments.

At a distance of 3 meters from the user’s eyes, the FOV becomes 45 degrees and offers a crisp 720p resolution screen of the size of 90 inches, measured diagonally. This is an amazing thing. You can work on a much larger screen now straight from your smartphone’s small screen with a pair of glasses on your head. It is that convenient. You might have a big 55 inch TV at home, but you can’t carry one on the go. GLOW makes it super easy and ultra-portable to do so.

It is not just compact and lightweight, but it is also ultra-sharp and vivid. Whether it is playing games or watching movies these VR glasses from MAD Gaze promises to offer the users a stylish set of mixed reality environments without making them look like an android robot moving on the streets.

Get the Most of the 3D Viewing Experience

The GLOW is a 3D-enabled set of VR glasses. SO, you can watch movies with your own pair. 3D movies are super real and fun with the GLOW. It offers spatial computing with hand gestures to do a lot of cool stuff and controlling the screen, interacting with it like scrolling, clicking and pressing a button to pick a phone call. With a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard, you can type on the virtual screen too.


  • MAD Gaze Glow is a pair of VR glasses that are the closest to a pack of real glasses.
  • It is ultra-portable, lightweight and usable like an ordinary pair of glasses.
  • It allows you to enjoy AR, VR, MR, and 3D-enabled content on a big screen.
  • It works with Android, iOS, DJI, Switch and many more.


  • It is still a bit chunky on your eyes.

Final Bargain

If you like the concept of carrying a pair of ordinary glasses that can do cool stuff like this, MAD Gaze GLOW is your best bet. Nothing even comes close to this product so far in this category. This promises to offer immersive viewing experience, VR big screen to interact with, play games, watch movies in 3D, and do business on the go.